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Arcane Academy

Arcane academy is an upcoming series, that hopefully won’t crash and burn as fast as syndicate. Anyways, I recommend starting with the prologue for an intro to the universe, as it doesn’t operate within the arcane canon

Prologue - Introductions

(Prologue - Arcane Academy - Introductions)
A humble introduction to our charcters and the academy

Chapter One - Arcane Academy - Humble Beginnings

Personal Notes: If first reading then this can be skipped, doesn’t add too much
Chapter One - Arcane Academy - Humble Beginnings
We get to meet our characters in their first class. Unfortunately, they may have already screwed up.

Chapter Two - Hidden Darkness

Arcane Academy - Part Two - Hidden Darkness
After our characters have a shocking experience at lunch, they begin to discover a conspiracy

Notes for people skipping:
A fellow student asks our characters for a training session, when following they find a large hole in his room leading to a corridior

Chapter Three - Conspiracy

Arcane Academy - Chapter Three - Conspiracy
Our charcters might’ve bitten off more then they can chew

Anyways thanks for reading through and checking out the series

Lost Stars

Lost stars is a sci-fi fantasy story about a group of mercenaries as they go on a journey throughout the galaxy. As they get to know each other, their backstories and abilities will be slowly revealed, there’s more to some than meets the eye.

Chapter One - Welcome to the Crew

Lost Stars - Chapter One - Welcome to the Crew
We get to meet their crew in a rather explosive first encounter


Good series. Can’t wait to challenge the archmage to a duel.

Why is it that whenever people save the world they decide to start a school? Nothing wrong with that of course.

First one was a bit rushed, so next one will come out saturday

What sounds cooler
  • Cult of the Depths
  • Cult of Darkness
  • Curators of the New World
  • The Night Breakers

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I have a bunch of edgy names and Idk which one to use for my edgy death cult

I cannot express how cringy the next chapter will be

I’m proably just gonna release with next chapter if no one votes

In an hour or two, part two - hidden darkness will release

Unfortunete news, it will actually release sunday. It’s basicly done however I still need to work on some finishing touches and I’m way too tired to write coherently.

Release def today for real.
Chapter two will be titled hidden darkness

I’m no longer dead and will try to actually finish my story.
Chapter Three: Conspiracy will release on saturday

His death was greatly exaggerated.

good. I was waiting.

finishing up soon, shouuld release within an hour

Ah darn gotta go to sleep soon, will relase tomorrow when more people online

added chapter three

Revamped into a general hub for all series in case I write others
(god dammit brain stop making cool story ideas that I can’t write)