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What does that term mean? I’ve seen it before but I don’t know what it means

idk if id call this necroposting, they added something relevant

Necroposting involves bringing a post back into relevance after a prolonged time of inactivity

necro = necromancer or dead
posting = posting
hence bringing a dead post back to life

Abdallah “Bermundan Brawler” Barion

A martial artist that has spent way too much time among the seas to the point where some of their own anatomy has been warped by the sheer concentration of magic… yet still retains some of their own conscience along the way, unlike the others.

Many days before what happened to him, he was a guy who - at a young age - was ecstatic about the concept of martial arts taught by his father, Adanith Barion, an expert in the knowledge of them. He had cherished his family dearly before one day being taken away by a random hooded figure.

Though not a perfect being, he still retains a sense of justice, even if not that strong. Ever since he was afflicted with his curse, he has been able to siphon the power of the seas to further empower his strikes.

As it turns out, though he may not know this, he was sent out to the dark sea for a few weeks as one of the Order of Aesir’s experiments and what the dark sea’s rain does to people before being saved by Tucker and Morden.

(Sailor fist + Thermo fist, may change out thermo fist)
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heres my warrior, Arden Stone

his first weapon was a club and i find that funny.

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