Closed for now

Ill keep them for now until i feel like trading, new info has come to me

i can offer the green plague doctor mask for a candy corn beanie :smiley:

not really looking for other seasonals


this is why i never attempt at trading.

lemme guess, you’re going to make me overpay by a ludicrous amount, what do you desire my sir? a strong oathkeeper with full sunken gear? as well as a pvp viable wizard robe set? for one candy corn beanie?

no i just want boss drops or sunkens i dont need more seasonals also why u overreacting for 0 reason

Idk man you give off extremely “i’m going to lowball you severely” vibes.

what makes you say that? im literally just trading stuff

i didn’t even put " Looking for sunkens " or " Looking for headless "

And the fact im accepting boss drops.

you really be trippin if you wanna complain about people trading go somewhere else

alright fine, I’m sorry, I don’t really know what got over me, you do you I guess.

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how many boss drops are you looking for for each seasonal?

Just to be clear, all of the seasonals are somewhere worth around minotaur armor.
If you actually want sunken from trading seasonals, trade headless.

So uh yeah, good luck with that.

i was offered strong oath in a public server for my grey hallowed 2 so i asked the discord server and they said i shouldnt do the trade since the hallowed was worth more

quality over quantity for example strong oath > 8 bad enchant exiled armor

Who said that it was worth way more than a strong oath?
Because that seems way off of value

Strong oath for that seasonal was a big W

i forgot but i asked in general

found the guy it was someone named waping
you can find my message in the discord by searching my tag it was yesterday

People do have opinions, but most likely the forum community and verified traders will (most) say that Seasonals are worth a minotaur armor or even lower than that.

In vetcord?
Also I believe why seasonals are worthless was because of how duping in the past was a thing and how easily these seasonals could be obtained, the hardest and most valued item in WoM would be the headless.