Custom lost spell ideas

I’m running out of topic ideas so just go wild

Oh no, not again :sleeper:


Lost Spell: No Lost Spells

Now nobody can make lost spell ideas gg ez no re

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lost spell: ray

acts like beam but stays for a while, stays longer the more you hold it.
it doesn’t do a lot of damage, like 14 damage each time it hits at level 100, but it does a lot of damage overall since the damage is supposed to add up. With healing magics it will heal you

Sounds like multiblast beam with extra steps

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it’d only be one beam really and it would be very small

another idea for a lost spell: split

acts like a magic blast with only one blast, doing a lot of damage. however, if it hits a player or wall it wil split into 4 smaller blasts that each do 1/2 damage of the bigger blast.

If its a DOT magic the smaller blasts will do more DOT than the bigger blast

basically blast with extra steps yes

I was thinking some thing where you stomp the ground and around 5 pillars of your magic come out of the ground in random places near you

so 20 beam but its actually useable


also yes a lot of lost spells are likely a lot like other spells, but then again other ideas already seem like that. for example: immense energy seems like some better explosion

i would just make it
so as long as you hold the beam spell
you consume magic energy and u can cancel it whenever u want


yea :sleeper:

This took a while to find in my activity :/

I remember voting for this.
Still want this to be added, not going to lie.


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