Dame Caesennia Is Bored… Again

If this gets at least 0.5 likes I’ll draw Caesennia again at some point. Here I included 3 variants to test stuff out.

Standard ver—

Cleaner Lineart ver—

Daytime ver—

What do ya’ll think looks better?

  • Messier, denser lineart
  • Cleaner, thinner lineart
  • Try and mix the two, idk
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Also, I spelled her name correctly this time. Turns out “Caessina” isn’t correct and I’ve been spelling her name wrong for several months now. Whoops.


Also, I’m probably going to be making some adjustments to my artstyle to speed things along. The painterly look is fine for backgrounds, but takes too darn long for texturing.

Now, what do ya’ll wanna see Caesennia wearing/doing next?


uh-oh :skull:

A full medieval knight suit :+1:

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In bronze?

I mean i haven’t seen a bronze medieval armour suit at all so that could be interesting

fighting the player (please have the camera behind her back the face is ugly as shit no offense)

Finding out about the forums.

noooooooooooo bad idea man

She needs to know.

At least you’re honest. Still, ouch.

I probably need to work more on faces. They aren’t my strong suit. In my avoidance of the notorious issue of same-face syndrome, I kinda never learned to make even slightly decent faces. They always end up weirdly proportioned and uncanny.

Why did you ask this question on the f*rums? Full set Abibas, next question.

Now, what do ya’ll wanna see Caesennia wearing/doing next?

Historically accurate swimsuit

Alrightly, what time period? Mayhap the Victorian period? They had some cool swimsuits.

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ancient rome :smiling_imp:

Siren set

The quest ui in ao says the year is something like 1854, i forget.

Try a lineless style of her swimming, not degenerate like the rest of these freaks

Could you draw Dame wearing a night dress I made?


history is repeating itself :anguished: