Dark Sea QOL Changes

Dark Sea QOL Changes
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The frustrations of the dark sea is what separated a good area from just a pure grind fest that can end at any given moments due to numerous factors like sea monsters, rng lightning 360 no-scoping you, chests on large islands taking hours to collect, rain poisoning.
Well here I am today to solve all your problems (except your daddy issues, that’s between you and God my friend).

Sea Monster Aura
Sea monsters are genetically modified by the dark sea to make them massive, it only makes sense to give them some kind of glowing purple aura. Not only will this look cool as shit, but it makes them easier to see under the waves.
Adding this on to Atlanteans who fall in the water because they are annoying as shit to find.

Lightning Indicator
When your character is about to be struck by lightning, your crew or yourself will say that they can feel their hair standing on end. This gives you just enough time to brace/block, not much though. (If you’re bald gl ig, JK you can feel the static electricity on your clothing).

Chest Dropping
I think we’ve all seen the Lethal Company sweat strat on Titan with loot, why not start here? Let us drop chests off cliffs onto the beach or even our boat so that we don’t have to reclimb Mt. Everest all over again. Also to collaborate with this, increase the despawn time drastically so we are able to actually leave it on the side of the island or floating in the sea. This is a problem even now so yeah (second part of this suggested by @AnUnoriginalUsername

Rain Poisoning Indicator
As we know, bathing in your brig makes you immune to water poisoning for x amount of time. So why not make it a status effect? Now we can accurately know how long we are immune for and roughly when we will get water poisoning again.

Lower the Dark Sea Wave Level
Make it so cargo floats on the waves so we can actually see it (hopefully this satisfies @NickyZ1 )

I am now a dark sea quality assurance person (let’s just say that exists)
(Don’t mind the low stats, optical cord is a dumbass)


istg if someone from the forums calls me stupid again I’m changing my pfp

WHAT I THINK: people will say yes bec it makes their lives easier, vetex says no

Dawg what is it with you and giving shit ratings for no reason, reasonability 1?

already planned

not a problem at high level 125, no reason to add

yep, this is the only one that actually deserves to be added

seems reasonable ig

nope, just, nope

Nah fr tho.

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Wdym nope on the lowering the wave level?

bec It’s not reasonable

removes immersion + its not a problem, i usually go to range 3 and its not a problem, why would it be?

Helpful for protecting crew and your boat

Just for simplicity of find cargo, or I can change it to just make it so cargo floats on the wave level

Actually good, reasonable, and fair ideas. The lightning warning would make expeditions much less frustrating, and actually goes along with the whole crew warning system. And being able to drop chests makes so much sense, and it would save a lot of time.
Overall, you COOKED :fire: :fire: :fire: these would be really helpful but wouldn’t make it too easy, keep cooking


crew nearly dont take damage to lightning, they heal faster than you get hit

People using stability crew will have issues

I agree with all of it except:

lightning indicator
wave lvl
sea monster aura
rain poisoning (that’s useless)

Bro does not know how to give a reason why

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I’d honestly say I want this added on exception of the Lower the Dark Sea Wave Level since that creates a danger to the dark seas, I do like how we have to rely on ghost ships but I get your point there, and of course the Rain Poisoning Indicator, I’d like it if it changed what we look like more than an actual status effect like becoming more pale.

It’d be nice for this type of content considering I have gotten many dark sealed to the point it just feels like a time waster whenever I wanna farm the Dark Seas and I wanna see something new like the Lightning Indicator.

Anyways Opticalcord had no absolute reason to put shit ratings on this suggestion, the reasonability is quite obvious here, all the suggestion lacks is something more to it, like the energy of the suggestion. And also helps out players who struggle in the dark seas and want to farm it but just incase, not making these indicators too noticeable and still making it a challenge, probably like the double wave notable where you have to be active

(Can’t trust Optical with ratings anymore if he’s gonna down-rate without any actual reason)


I changed the dark sea wave lowering to just make it so cargo floats on the waves, hopefully that makes it better lol

Yeah, too me that’s a better way to have cargo changed rather than lowering the waves if that can be coded to the game, though that’d probably mean ghost ships would have to have a different way of being used

I guess when the time comes, ghost ships could be used for sunken structures like the ghost ships in Arcane Adventures.


Yep, I was thinking that destroying ghost ships could drop cargo as well but I’m not adding that to this post

How are you gonna destroy a ghost ship when it’s a ghost :broken_heart: