Describe all of your AO files in as much detail as you like

oh wow look a game discussion post
Yeah, yeah, I know the funny red shark man made something like this in uh

but don’t drag him in this conversation okay
i’m bored and i want an excuse to go on a 5000+ word post on my characters, their hobbies, their interests, their favorite foods, their relationships with each other .etc .etc
go into as much detail as you want.
it can be as simple as “i’m a generic mc” to a whole microsoft word document, i don’t give a shit. However i would prefer if lots of detail is put in since I wanna know how fleshed out your characters are.

my first file uses fire
thats bout it

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and a maid :nod:

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i use them

by doing absolutely nothing for two months my crystal file has become an expert at killing bosses

Anyways time to move onto the urge that was the reason i opened this thread up

Group Photo i made on a dress up game cause I was bored

Here’s the line up of the 3 Stooges that make up my AO Files. Which was also made in a dress-up game called Pastel Friends that BNT recommended to me because I’m a fucking child.
From Left to Right: Arcadia Water, Ami Drake and Aksel Morris.

They’re all part of some small freelance mercenary group that kills (mainly) bad guys for cash.
They’re all collectively considered as pests to the Grand Navy since they’re not only troublemakers but also considered vigilantes to the townsfolk.

Arcadia is my primary file and has Shadow Powers. I’ve made a specific statement that they are non-binary. Not because I want to be politically correct, but because they’re just a complicated mass of shadow energy that takes the form of a human and that’d be weird to give a gender. They’re the oddball of the group, and honestly the most developed of all the files. Because of their weird origins, Arcadia has a few unique characteristics. They’re nigh immune to most sharp weapons, unless they are imbued with magic, since they can just re-attach cut-off limbs, as a trade off, they’re incredibly weak to magic attacks, especially light magic. And they have a weird quirk where they enjoy bitter foods (raw coffee grind especially) and is actually poisoned by sweet foods. Despite being the closest thing to a Main Character I have, Arcadia relies on the 2 other dumbasses for orders and to know what the best thing to do next is, since they’re completely hopeless when alone.

Ami is my second file and has Water Powers. They’re female and probably lesbian, I don’t know. She’s the most developed personality-wise. Oh god, where to start… She has some good points, like being charismatic, and… being charismatic, and… look, she’s flawed. She’s arrogant, a huge jerk, and completely unhinged when left alone. Don’t let the funny Sans sweater fool you, once Aksel accidentally lets go of her child leash, she’s probably gonna run to the nearest person and rob them of their cash. She’s the primary reason why the 3 of them have a bounty on their heads. Half of the Trio’s income goes to feeding her specifically, since she consumes more food than a Blue Whale 3 times a day. The fact that all of them aren’t suffering in financial ruin is a miracle.

Aksel is my third file and is by far, the character i’ve rewritten the most times. Like, first he was a Steel Magic user, then a Sand Magic user, then finally a Fire Magic user. Despite being the least developed of my characters, He’s the leader of the trio, the most responsible out of the 3 (even though he’s barely responsible himself) and the one who keeps the 2 other dumbasses in check so they don’t run off and murder some random person across the street. Because of this, he’s responsible for all the statistical things like navigating and the finances, because the other 2 either don’t understand what those 2 things are or are just too lazy to do those.

anyways those are my files
i put way too much effort into this then i should have

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…I think I can see where your interests are rn, combining info from multiple posts

I am emotionally invested in your children



First file: I want everyone to train me


Third file: image


1: Cotton Candy Girl that can zap all the simps

2: Edgy Light Magic that wears all purple cause Barney

3: Wind User who isn’t even really created yet. He’s been in the name part of the character creation this whole time for months on purpose cause I don’t want to birth him yet

1: Suncry PvPer

2: fun Light PvP file when I’m bored

3: Pandemonium PvPer

4: Ink file to remember from 4th test

5: unlvled Wind file

6: unlvled Explosion file

#1 Connor shield

just read the first chapter of crimson storm, you’ll get the idea

#2 Drake salore


#3 Robin banks

hehe wind go brrrrr

ill probably write something more in depth later but ill put this here

  1. nothing interesting just a file i kept from the first test
  2. an ex-villain turned hero named bob auburn (he looks like bob ross, im trying to get a last name of ross for him atm)
  3. abdiel the epic serial killer (also now based on the guy who melted people in barrels with acid)

Denny - My primary file and toughest of the three files. He’s a fire wizard and a cowardly safety nut in the Wilderness, but an overprotective model citizen within the city walls. In the Wilderness, he picks fights carefully and uses his high health pool and burning magic to slowly win the fight. When he’s overwhelmed by the enemy(s) he rushes to find a safe place to restore his health and eventually takes down his weakened foe(s). Within the city’s walls, Denny follows the law, makes sure to not fire his magic within the city and pays all his fines; for he is determined to be a model citizen for the people around him. He stays close to the cities, preparing to bring any evildoers that threaten the peace to justice. He doesn’t mind negative reputation players, as long they do not cause trouble, but makes sure he himself has a high reputation. Denny’s ultimate goal is to become invincible, immortal and youthful and then fish for the rest of his life.

Ming- My alt file and the strongest of the three files. She’s an ice wizard who gives cold shoulders to everyone and chilly glares that pierce the soul of her enemies. She helps out citizens whenever she feels generous and makes sure to freeze a lost item before giving them back to “teach them not to lose them again" and does other acts of “kindness” in similar fashion. During fights, she freezes her opponents in order to “let them think about their mistakes and what went wrong” before defeating them. After fights, she personally delivered her traumatized victims to the Grand Navy in order to “give them a fair warning”. Despite Ming’s terrifyingly cold attitude to both friends and foe, she holds a mainly positive reputation and is surprisingly popular amongst the locals, but then lowers it whenever she freezes her fine notices and crushes it into ice dusts, while calling them “useless pieces of wasted space”. Ming’s ultimate goal is to walk around the world unopposed and unchallenged as the strongest person alive.

Troy - My alt file and weakest of the three files. A common thief that prefers to use his light magic as a utility and his foot as the pedal of his heists. He steals from big cities to small towns and from citizens to fellow outlaws and everything in between; for he really wants the money to inflate his own pockets. Troy avoids fights and heists that are either unnecessary or would earn him blood money, as he sees no value in money earned through the eternal loss of someone else. Despite his efforts to reform as a pacifist, his heists has earned him the title of “Tyrant” and has forced Troy to hop town before completely ransacking a town or city. Troy’s ultimate goal is to one day lead a clan of thieves that steals money for him.

Thanks for providing this outlet.

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Rivka - Shadow user with a severe mental illness that makes him actively hunt others in order to get stronger. Master assassin and stalker. Adopted brother of Ezra, kind of screwed her life over.

Lloyd - Lightning user with messed up childhood that left brutal scars on his face, causing him to always wear a mask. Is more or less a bounty hunter and crusader though he tends to kill people too often. Is currently trying to find Rivka.

Ezra - Ash user. Extremely messed up childhood and PTSD, for which she blames her now missing brother. Hates her magic at first because of what it symbolizes but has grown to use it more often. Is apart of all female mercenary group called “Valkyries” who help her past her trauma. Secretly looks for Rivka, her brother, in order to find some closer.

I will make a story series with Ezra later, already have the idea down, just need map for AO so locations can be accurate.

My file’s just your average Shadow User of an ethnicity I don’t even know besides Vistarian. Probably still sounding British.

1: Apolo Rust

Explosion boy.

Extremely powerful, tricky, and really just likes fooling around. Will help people in need, but falls asleep too much and then being waken up will cause him to rocket into the air.