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Figured I’d finally get around to fleshing out my guy. He’ll be in the story I plan to upload in the coming days.

Name: Matteo Lombardi

Status: Alive, Healthy

Insanity: 0 (For now)

Whereabouts: Ravenna, under Mount Caesar

Originally a resident of Rasna, Matteo Lombardi was a fisherman who spent most of his time on the docks of Ravenna’s ports, waiting for the perfect catch. When the Atlanteans invaded, Matteo did his part to support the defence effort by supplying food to the army. He fled Rasna with the rest of the survivors to Rubica as the Atlanteans closed in on the walls of Ravenna’s capital. When it became clear that the battle was lost, Matteo joined the remainder of Ravenna’s survivors under Mount Caesar as the Atlanteans overran Rubica, claiming the entire island for themselves.

After the survivors became settled in, Matteo decided to join up with the mining crews, though he quickly missed the feeling of the sea breeze on his face. One night, while drowning in misery at a ramshakle tavern, Matteo was approached by none other than Prince Revon, who decided to give him a proposition. Matteo would join up with the outside scavenging crews, but would gather certain special items for Revon. In exchange, Revon would bestow special privileges on Matteo such as extra rations and the like. Matteo accepts, though he can’t help but shake the feeling thaf the items Revon wants them to gather are being used for something… nefarious.

Bio for my man johnny. Still expanding his story and hopefully I’ll release a bit of it soon…

Name:Tsoai Revora (usually only called Johnny as his nickname)

Status:Alive, Injured


Whereabouts: Unnamed Deserted Island —> The Jaws

Prior to the invasion, Johnny was a well-known pirate captain operating in the Bronze Sea. Known for his fervent disapproval of magic and his particularly decorated ship, The Acalypha. Days before the invasion, The Acalypha was sighted fleeing from a Grand Navy vessel, commanded by Commodore Holweck. As Johnny maneuvered The Acalypha into The Jaws, as to lose the pursuing ship among the spires, Holweck launched himself up the spires with his Explosion Magic, quickly catching up to the ship. Holweck’s magic left nothing of The Acalypha but ash, Johnny himself, and the quartermaster Marcelus. Johnny’s hubris had finally caught up to him.

Missing his right forearm, and left with nothing but his sword, a compass, and a rowboat, Johnny set his sights on Redwake. Unfortunately for him, the sea would be disrupted and invaded by forces currently unknown to him during his journey there.

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we got two johnnys now

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crossover is imminent

Abyss Sea - Walter Marshall

Walter Marshall isn’t one person. There are three of them, each from different reality. Due to some kind of reality malfunctioning, all three of them fused together in Abyss Sea universe. All Walters share same name and appearance, but their items, armor, clothing and builds are different. They can switch between their bodies, so sometimes there is Walter Marshall 1 in the world, and two others are in his head, sometimes Walter Marshall 2 or 3.


Walter Marshall 1 - Knight.
Status - healthy
Insanity - 2
Whereabouts: sea bottom, Forest of Cernunno
The Knight is the leader of three. Stoic and armored, he serves as protector in the most critical situations, appearing when either of Walters is endangered. It is barely possible to do any serious damage to him due to his immense durability and regeneration, though he is the weakest of three, as his Vitality powers are yet to be awakened. His titanium armor is covered in seaweed, so it turned green, acting as a camo among kelp and seagrass. The Kinght wields greataxe, morning star and shield.

Walter Marshall 2 - Mage.
Status - healthy, unstable
Insanity - 2
Whereabouts - sea bottom, Limestone Key’s shipwreck
The Mage is the main ranged power among the three. While being fairly more durable than an ordinary mage, he is still the most vulnerable in the team, so he prefers long-ranged combat. He is the most agile of them all, so he appears when Walters need to travel on long but relatively safe distances, or when they are facing an opponent that is better to not come close to. His robes have also taken on green color, but due to them being initially white, they are not suited well for being a camo. Being the only among three who uses Insanity and Warding gear, and also being under the effect of the Warlord, he sometimes becomes very unstable and starts the destruction around himself. The Mage wields greataxe and Water and Glass magics.

Walter Marshall 3 - Warlord.
Status - infected, sane
Insanity - 2
Whereabouts - sea bottom, Atlantean ships
The Warlord is the main close-combat power among the three. He was infected by a shark that had Atlantean essence on its teeth. Since then, two other Walters use their collective mental strenght to keep him sane, and stop its mutation. The Warlord is still a human, but if one of other Walters die, his mutation will continue. He appears when Walters attack an Atlantean ship, so neither of Atlanteans will recognise him as a human while he is coming close enough for an attack. Despite looking like human and wearing unusual for Atlanteans greenish clothing, all Atlanteans think of him as one of their kind. He wields greataxe, dual flintlocks and shield.

The Greataxe each of Walter Marshalls wield is worth mentioning. When they have fused together, all their belongings stood with their owners, but their greataxes have also fused in one weapon. This greataxe allows Walters to switch between their bodies, and is used as primary weapon by Knight and Warlord.


Each of Walters has breathing jewels attached to their armor, providing them with ability to survive underwater for unlimited time without any need to go on the surface of the sea. They chose wandering beneath the waves in search of any underwater structures or sunken ships as their survival tactic. Barely any Atlanteans ever check what is happening underwater, so they are much more safe than any of island survivors. They bake fish and sharks above underwater volcanoes for food, raid Atlantean brigs to get access to brewing cauldron or cooking pot when they want and protect survivor ships by silently following them underneath the ships. Sharks, the main threat underwater, are not really able to do anything to the Knight, and even Megalodons are not that dangerous, if only the fight isn’t taking place in open water. With his shield, the Knight can withstand 2 White Eyes bites, when third one will be fatal. They always seek for the closest structure underwater to hide if they see a pair of glowing eyes in the water. The Warlord also has a shield, but he can only survive one White Eyes bite, and Mage can’t survive any. The Mage can sometimes come to Limestone Key’s shipwreck, lay on seaweed and recall in their collective memory those moments of peaceful life that ended in that fateful day of Invasion.

The Atlantean Cult of Greenwish

The Knight gained reputation among those who were once Greenwish cult. Now all infected into Atlanteans or eaten, the cultists sensed strong spirit energy inside of him, and with the help of Warlord they accepted Walter Marshall as one of them. Forming a strong bond with Cernyx, still a leader of the Cult, the Knight forced all other Atlanteans to leave the island. He stood in the middle of the Forest, raised his shield and acted as a lure for Atlanteans while cultists were dismembering all who come close enough to him. Ended up by Cernyx throwing some mountains at who remained, the Forest of Cernunno is now only guarded by Atlanteans of Greenwish cult, still hostile to any human or Atlantean except the Knight. By flowing a lot of spirit energy into Cernyx’s mind, Knight returned him sanity for one minute, enough time for him to bless Knight’s shield with Cernunno’s power, making it unbreakable.

Name: Shin Seas

Status: Alive and healthy

Insanity Level: effectively 3, technically 0

Whereabouts: some where between frost and jungle

My main OC (lawful good(technically lawful evil) would be absolutely and completely trapped in a confused state.
Thinking that he is trapped in the dark sea somehow and Hallucinating the bronze sea and trying to snap out of it (too bad it’s real tho)

(Aka a guy a thinks he is in the dark sea and insane
even tho he is in the bronze sea and stable
and makes him insane)

Example of the character trait :
Staving one self due to the possibility of the thing he is eats Isn’t what he see it is

“ I’m so hungry…But what are the chances that what I’m eating isn’t really I see it as?”

Current goals: find warding items to try and find his way back the “real” sea

(OOC: I want to have my OC go the the second sea when we get more details about it)

shin seas and his sister knee ocean

their archrivals are elbow lands and shoulder canyons


is it hard to properly format a sheet

Imma update my character’s statuses.

Name: Kaden Ketch

Status: Alive, healthy (physically)

Insanity Level: 1

Whereabouts: Frostmill

Name: Amber Cinders

Status: Alive, healthy

Insanity Level: 0

Whereabouts: Frostmill with Kaden

**Massive** Wall of Text

Amber and Kaden, after they realized what was happening, would stop the fight with Elius. Elius at this point would be nearly beaten, albeit not in a critical state. They’d head back to Cirrus Island in the Skyship Kaden had rented (Amber is broke and couldn’t get her own, lol), wherein Kaden would convince Iris to not murder Elius. When seeing Frostmill invaded, Kaden would persuade the reluctant Amber and Iris to sail to the island to save the inhabitants. Elius would be left to stay on Cirrus to defend the stepstones, though would leave within a few days.

It would be noted at this point that my characters’ order of progress in my headcanon partially mimics their progress in the game. This would mean that Kaden would have Edward Kenton as part of his crew by now.

Upon arriving at Frostmill, the group would disembark and Kaden would split from the group to save the remaining Frost Brigands and guide them back to town. His morality, however, would put Amber and Iris in danger, as Kaden, with his lightning magic, had the far better matchup against the Atlantans than what Iris or Amber had. Thus, they’d be left vulnerable, with only Edward Kenton to help them.

Though Amber, Iris, and Edward proved sufficient in driving away the Atlanteans (at least from the town), the village suffered heavy losses. Kaden rejoined the group shortly afterwards, though most of the Frost Brigands were dead at this point. Edward had also taken a hit to the leg. Amber, noticing the infection, cauterized the wound with magma magic. While this caused further damage, it neutralized the infection. Some of the villagers, however, had wounds more severe, and were left in quarantine.

Amber suggests at this point to abandon the town and move somewhere more defendable. Namely, to the top of Frostmill, where they’d have a vantage advantage. Kaden refuses, already having blamed himself for the casualties and not wanting to ask more of the people of Frostmill. But after another wave of Atlanteans causes more deaths a few days later, he relents and agrees.

As the group treks to the top of Frostmill, Edward would note the injuries of the townsfolk. Recalling tales of the navy’s attempts at entering the Dark Sea, he would speak to Kaden about the possibility of the transformative infection. It would be about this time when one of the villagers would become a lost sailor, solidifying Edward’s theory. Amber would dispatch the lost sailor quickly, despite Kaden’s protests.

As Kaden, Amber, Iris, and Edward transport the remaining villagers to the top of the glacier, the Atlanteans would make another attack, this time being fended off with minimal casualties. With a few more days to rest, some of the other wounded would turn into lost sailors. While Amber would kill a few, the rest would get away and would hide in the caves and mines.

After a period of prolonged quiet, the Atlanteans would make one last attack on Frostmill. This one larger and more devastating than before. Kaden, at this point, would lose his nerve upon recognizing several of the lost sailors and noticing a few familiar-looking Atlanteans. His hesitance would prove disastrous, and would result in the group being flanked. Most of the survivors, including Enzor, would die or become infected. Realizing the cause to be lost, Edward would direct the survivors, Kaden, Amber, and Iris to Kaden’s ship Stormseeker for an evacuation.

While more of the survivors would perish, the remainder would successfully board Stormseeker. Out of Frostmill’s original population of around 150, around 30 would remain alive and healthy. Shortly after departing for the open sea, Kaden would go around the crew checking for injuries, before noticing that Iris was intentionally avoiding him. Amber would sneak up on Iris as a joke, but would stop upon seeing an infected gash on Iris’s left arm.

Initially, the group would try Amber’s cauterization method. A few days later, though, the infection was still spreading… and more drastic measures were taken on Edward’s advice.

Having been forced to perform medieval medicine on a friend, watching numerous people die, and knowing his brief lapse had caused numerous deaths, Kaden’s mental state started to decline. Amber, too, was shaken. Most notable in her behavior was her treatment of Iris, whom she stopped bullying out of pity.

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I’ll do a status update for Garwine later. Sorry for the literal novel I just wrote.

you just ripped your own OC directly from the game without changing it didn’t you

Novel? Trust me, name of this is “short story”

I mean, it’s not like their personalities are going to do a complete 180.

What? Am I supposed to just up and make new characters for this or smth?

i dont recall frostmill splitting apart in the game

they can retain similar/parallels to their original counterparts, the disclaimer is more towards the OCs power level

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4.) Mentally ill
5.) Normal
6.) Mentally ill + schizophrenic

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Name: Bobby Ankh, The Enlightened One
Moonlight Metal Mage, an intellectual
Status: Alive, Injured, Prosthetic right leg and left arm, little mutation (still sane )
Insanity: 1 (from his armor), might get to 2 if things go south
Whereabouts: Sailing on his brig between Bronze and Dark sea, looking for survivors and visiting the ruined places
Story: After the invasion he fled Ravenna and started to check other survivors and state of places. Almost died during a fight, losing his arm and a leg. Doesn’t stay in one island long, lives like a nomad now.