Enough about AO's rights, lets talk about AO's wrongs

most fair gun rival NPC:

all the npcs have high damage and AOE

Levelling up is too tedious

Whatever the balance team wants to do with warlords I swear

Lads, is crushing judgement on hybrids too much to ask?

the lack of bathrooms
why cant i get in here and take a shower, my character hasn’t showered in months

kid named brig bathtub

my alts alts are all too poor to buy brigs

That’s an outhouse, Nicky. You don’t wanna bathe in there.

So that was a HECKING lie.

the regen changes gutted me lol

rushdown is almost useless

The worst thing is definitely the amount of flinging and teleports. I feel scared almost every single time I get on my brig or hit something in the water because I know I could just randomly get sent to Insanity 5 in the Dark Sea. Have lost numerous sealed chests due to this.

Beyond that, shops feel heavily underutilized to me. I still check them for the odd good piece of gear that some player sells, but they’re generally useless compared to treasure hunting or simply farming. Traveling sea merchants might be better if their inventories weren’t so small.

Switch your vanities to default, it should hopefully make the bug a lot less common

How it grills my laptop

ship fling bug and optimization