Favorite pvp experience

Tell me your favorite moment or moments when pvping i got like 2 that im thinking of rn.

I was in the middle of a war against some lb players and this wind mage kid you not started sending everyone with full kb gear on to into the sky :skull: i thought it was hilarious at the time.

Another one was when i was at munera and had kinda just reached lb that week or so. And some ice mage admiral tried to hunt me in the middle of my 1v1​:joy: as a zerker I pieced him up and chased him down while he was running to my surprise i was actually able to land on his platforms and hit em mid air with crash, in the moment i was like aint no way im not that good… he got super low and i ended up missing a platform he was jumping off from. He got away but it was still pretty fun just cuz how challenging it was and i was actually chasing him down pretty well across the ocean on his stupid platforms :joy:


back around when ao was fresh from release. A clan of 4 people hunted my fame on my warrior file. So i came back and managed a 1v4. I managed to land a well placed piercing gale on a guy who was running away which killed the guy. Went to gravy base to see all 4 locked up.

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Bro went to the gravy base to talk his talk :joy:
Yeah the pvp itself in ao is great but all the crazy random shit that happens is great too like that deviable clip of him getting one shotted by cannons never gets old to me :rofl:

Idk about my favourite one (i don’t even pvp) but i can tell my least favourite. Me and some of my clanmates tried to capture silverhold. But some vice admiral joined… and 4v1ed us twice :sob:

Pluh T_T

My advice would be to make friends or atleast acqaintance with other lb players they’re always looking for other lb players to hunt they’ll totally help you. I would’ve…

If you want you can add me on discord(fridgeuchiha is my username) and just @ me whenever a lb player is giving you problems.

Ik people dont get hunted as much anymore but even if its in the far future ur welcome to call on me or even ask help from my server thats full of pvp heads

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Not on discord sadly but yeah i’ll try and follow your advice and see if it works

Letting people meet my pet sharks :]

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Ive summoned white eyes messing with pots but never seen it spawn while fighting someone that would be funny thoe

The one where I got jumped on by a LB player (top 10) when I had like 12k fame and then I just panicked and ran into the water (none of my gear had enchants, were max, or had gems) and the dude proceeded to follow me.

Coincidently, around 12 seconds in, a whale spawned right on top of him, killed him, and then he got jailed and I got his bounty (he was hunting me btw).

i was in a huge clan war sometime in 1.13 then for some reason one of my can members started talking about touhou or something to someone we were fighting

they ended up joining our clan discord as a visitor and we’re friends and spar together sometimes now

Thats funny asl T_T

It be like that sometimes its people you bump heads with most that end you end up becoming friends with em🤣

i (technically) killed someone without even trying
lemme explain

so, this guy died to me trying to sink his ship

for context: this guy tried griefing another player’s ship, the other person obviously didnt like it so they retaliated and killed him
he saw me and told me to distract the griefed player while he respawned
…i did not, i repaired their ship before they sailed away

a few minutes later (~10) he approached my ship while i just finished sinking some npc ships
he said something along the lines of ‘you didnt distract him, now he got away’ and ‘i put the blame on you’ along with a whole bunch of other stuff
while i did not want to get involved in griefing, lest it backfires on me

so he tried to sink my ship
keyword: TRIED
my ship survived with 58 out of the ~16000 health remaining
before it got that low though, i jumped on his ship and began destroying his
canon fist is fucking goated
heavy exploding shells go!
the same that he used on my ship to get it to that low health
a few explosions later he noticed what was going on

tried to attack me



i wasnt even aiming to kill him, only to destroy his ship

he killed me, then set his settings so that i couldnt send messages to him

i dont need that much fame anyway, only puts a bigger target on my back
now that i think about it my fame tripled when i killed him, i assume he took an assasination contract, too

he probably thought ‘oh hey its the savant again let me put the blame on him and try to kill him, free bounty yeey’

look, i dont mind if you kill me, heck i even let you kill me
only if you ask first

mess with my ship, and you’re messing with a canon fist user that will destroy both you (if caught in blast radius) and your ship

im not that good at pvp tho, i literally cant, only kills i got are low levels that tried to attack my teammates/accidents like these/volunteers

edit: better resolution images

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These failed hunts are killing me :sob:

in my defense it was an act of revenge + self defense

Yeah ofc thx for sharing

During last year’s Easter update I got jumped by a bad rep with a lot more player kills than I had while on my ship above a diving spot. I got knocked into the ocean, he jumped in to follow me, we both got killed by sharks

np, it always feels good to get a justified kill even though youre the one who has the disadvantage

as in, humor or what?

im not sure, but this was my first ever v1.15 hunt gank

the best part was an assassin cardinal combat logged and i got 90k renown from that lmao