First One To Answer The Question Correctly Wins 100K Galleons | Part 5

Last one for this month, gonna be staying at my relatives’ home. Gonna be gone by friday of this week so uhhh, hopefully someone could answer the question within a day.

Throughout the whole map of arcane odyssey, players can obtain journals of people that cannot be sold or traded. In the current version of the game at the time this was posted, how many journals are there that could be read and name who owned them.

Morden, Rackham, Neviro, and uh general Zaix

so 4

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Congrats, that was uhhhh fast I guess. Mind telling me your username so that I can join you?


2 and a half here and im going to sleep

can we do this-

ah nvm sure, its WalonGamer

Aye, are you in a server right now?


im in, sever is pretty empty

Might take some time, im still stuck here :frcryin:

Lemme rejoin

its okay i understand :skull:

got it, pleasure doing business with you

Reward has been collected.

actually 5, there’s that one by matus in cirrus island’s secret talking about the island clouds

erm actuakkly its more

okay no maybe youre right, we couldnt pick Zaix’s up either right?

@Breaded_Butter should i give the money back?

oh wait no you can pick that up

yeah then only morden neviro rackham and zaix woul count

Obtainable journals, you pretty much gave the answer already which are Morden, Rackham, Zaix and Neviro

the question only asked which journals could be read though, not which could be obtained

That’s why I gave the context:

I wouldn’t add it if that wasn’t my intention :sob:

that’s the introductory statement, not the question

The thing is it’s a context clue, it’s there to trick someone answering it. I encountered a similar question in the english tests in my high school years and fell for the same question three times since I ignored it. Question makers wouldn’t add them without a reason so I used the same trick to this one.

I’ll give you another example with a more obvious one than this, using the 3rd part:

The question is who I am talking about while the sentences before the question is there to act as a context clue. The question in this post is the less obvious version of it to trick people, most would literally ignore the context clue, me included.

thank goodness i was sleepy as fck so any form of trick tried to use on me fail automatically!