Flagships (Clan Boats)

Kind of a far fetched idea, but would be mega cool if everything was done correctly.

Due to Guild Halls being scrapped, and infamy is on the rise, what if we replaced guild halls?

Instead of a building, it would be a ship. Perhaps at the rank of “Superior Guild” or “Strong Guild”, the guild owner can purchase (With crown bank) a “Flagship”. A flagship essentially is the core of their fleet, being armed with cannons, and NPC crewmates (Idk shops to buy cannonballs from ?). Essentially, the flagship would be used for wars and as a forward operating center for the guild.


The core of a flagship’s purpose is to serve as the core of the Clan’s fleet in the Warring seas. Along with being heavily armored and destructive, Flagships can also be used as a home base or “safe zone” for Clan members. Flagships can also be modified in the guild menu (Only by Co-Owner+) to include; Cannons, Rooms, Decorations, Designs, etc. I don’t want to keep overstepping on this but, maybe have shops too. Of course, this could all be abused so, certain precautions would be put in place for infamy.

I made this highly specific, however, suggestions are wanted to improve this idea.

Flagships and Infamy

Perhaps give infamy to whoever sinks a flagship?

+50 Infamy per flagship sunk (Flagships would have to be “repaired” for a fee).

There would be a cooldown of course (maybe a week?) after sinking another guild’s flagship. You no longer can gain infamy from that guild by sinking their flagship.

  • You can also upgrade your Guild’s Flagship if you are the Owner, maybe 3 tiers?
  • Limits for sinking ships with the flagship are in place. You cant just kill random people. I suggest they have to be in a guild (must be within 2 guild ranks) to actually take/give damage,

Maybe a Clan War part of the map too? (Endgame)

Maybe just have a designated clan war place, where you can find special shops but also fend off NPC ships for better drops and/or other players?

Everything outlined in here is possible, however may be time consuming(dev) but can be an ultimate goal for end game guilds.

This is such a far-fetched idea. However, I feel this has potential if we can improve and fix it’s flaws.

Dont just ignore this if you don’t like it, comment below on how we can improve it

Wait shouldn’t this be in the suggestion category

Sounds nice. Would be fun running from a flagship as a guildless person.

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Sounds like a very good idea, although a flagship should be larger than a Frigate. Don’t know if the size of the Borealis though, but it should have more weaponry and be bigger, also durable.

As a center of operations it sounds great.

I do not have much ideas of how to make this work in a balanced way.

Flagships are going to be expensive to buy. Meaning that they aint gonna be small. I mean like, Capital Size.

so yes, they should be like the Borealis in size then?

Limits are set so that this couldn’t happen

However, if they didn’t know that and they just a mega-size ship following them, it would be hilarious lol.

Maybe even larger idk

My small speedster boat being followed by a flagship getting hunted by Alpha white eyes.

with more weapons, and say, more than 1 mortar.

how about these having some sort of ‘‘shops’’ or ‘‘stations’’ to quickly buy things, or perhaps a storage room to store items?

also, considering @LonesomeWolf’s comment, will it be large enough to not be devoured in one bite by what would be Alpha White Eyes back in the AA days?

Yes, shops I want added to them.

what about storage or banks to store items/currency

or even a clan quest giver, like a PvE way of getting infamy

PvE way of getting infamy. Idk, sounds abuseable. Idk why but, just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

put cooldown on the quests, or make them have periods of 24h between each one. boom. now you cannot abuse them as easily.

so it isn’t a completely terrible idea however

it isn’t really necessary
the time vetex could spend coding this could be allocated to more actually useful things

and I heavily dislike only PvP ways of getting infamy since

1 - only killing players sounds too simple

2 - no more RKing to guilds please

3 - i’m garbage at fighting


what would have a bigger impact for clans than a flagship that works as a center of operations for them?

and how about this is added late game when there’s just not much more things to add?

More big boat = better.


No but this is actually a nice idea I likes. Give it massive cannon and it’s a deal. 42 pounders seem good.
Thing would have to be slow af tho.

I agree with 1, but 2 and 3 just sound like a skill issue