Forum Patch Notes v2.4

It’s been a while since anything has changed with the forum in terms of its features, but here’s some new additions we’ve added today.

Follow System

You can now follow users on the forum by going on their profile and clicking the Follow button at the top of their profile. This will notify you whenever they post or reply.

You will also be notified whenever a user follows you as well.

You can change your settings for follows in the Notifications section of your Preferences here.

Rating System

You can now rate posts in #suggestions and #marketplace:shops in certain aspects. Currently anyone can do this via replying in those said categories. The rating of the OP is averaged based on the ratings of the replies. This is prone to adjustment for the next few days as users make use of this plugin.

Other Changes

  • Posts in the #suggestions now close 4 days after their latest reply instead close 4 days after the original post was created.

What’s the difference between Effort and Quality ratings?

Quality is a culmination of how good the idea is itself, how its formatted, its presentability, and the aspects considered for it. A suggestion could have a lot of effort be put into it but not be a quality suggestion.

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So a 10k+ character paragraph would be high effort but low quality?

If it’s a bad idea for the game, a mess, and/or there was barely any consideration put into it, yes.


You said people should put there feedback here. For that reason, do you think this topic should stay open for a little longer than 6 hours?

Taken from: Testing for ratings pls ignore - #9

I want to see how people will actually use the feature before restricting it to certain users (I’d probably restrict it to TL1 anyway though).

You need member to post in suggestions, and you need to reply to post a review. It is already sort of restricted for members and above.

is it bannable to follow vetex or other forum admins? (since following them is a notification)

No, I disabled vetex getting notifications from follows beforehand.

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Is it the same thing for quotes? Whenever I quote something Vetex said, I get scared that Vetex will come out of my monitor like in The Ring and stab me in the neck for giving him a notification.

Well if you are quoting him for a good reason he wouldn’t mind.

a following feature added… can’t wait to see how this changes the forums

Can you specify what reasonability is supposed to be? I think I have a good idea of what it is, however I don’t want to entirely assume.

Reasonability is basically asking yourself “How much sense would it make for Vetex to add/change this to/for the game?” Like if it is some gigantic feature request that’d take weeks and weeks to do for little benefit, it probably wouldn’t be very reasonable.

Should the close timers of suggestions that are still active, but were made before the changes be updated or left as is?

You can change them if you’d like.

Oh no, autonomy.