Full value chart

the trading community hates me for being new pls give me a chart so i can understand more

you’re gonna get continuosly shitted on if you post wrong values

I would like a full list of important items like how they do it in assassin please.


headless>sunken sword>sunken armor>exiled stuff>mino stuff>worthless other items
weapon enchants: strong>swift>clean>hard
shield enchantments: heavy>clean>rest
armor enchantments: hard>power>other>strong

there’s a link on the message I posted :frsleepin:

Oh my god tysm!!

What image image

you dumbass
\A Complete Guide to Trading
click on the orange text

that’s just a guide to trading, values are already posted above

only boss drops are bartered here

I did and read it. Not very useful but the oversimplification that somebody above you did makes more sense to me

dont trade crowns, plus trading guys will still shit on you even if your well known

cry about it

Nah imma use my big brain to get respect now i have an oversimplification B)

ez plugs

Also what julie posted is really outdated (though a bunch of the advice is still good)

Welcome fellow trader! :niceman:

vasitra >>>>>>>>>>>> everything else

proven fact

I guess i chose the wrong storyline on my alt Number 15: cat go waaa - YouTube

You guys are overthinking this. Just find a 10yo and give them 30000 crowns for a headless.

What if i said. I dont want headless

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