Give Arleyborg a unique title for his absurd achievement

Give Arleyborg a unique title for his absurd achievement
effort 4.975 40 quality 5.0 41 reasonability 5.0 43

The man deserves a title but don’t you think 50x the required xp for perfect is just a nicer multiple

I say we force the poor chef to cook 500k more xp’s worth of meals :nod:



I joke, of course it’s not actual forcing but certainly a strong compelling factor. Also dude this is nuts you are crazy dedicated and I respect you.

You fool, he’s already doing it!

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You know you don’t have to bump it every 6 hours it takes 24 since last message for a topic to lock.

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Keep this thread cooking :fire::fire::fire::fire:

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id rather be safe :frpensive:

We need to bump this so vetex can see it fr fr

I don’t even know if Vetex checks the suggestions until they are locked. I mean he accepted my petition to only make sea monsters have reduced player damage since he planned to give the buff to all sharks and it made me panic.


i am coming after you.

Why? I did what I did for all of us, otherwise Every single shark in the entire damned game would take half damage from all sources that werent shark weapons.

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I read it as you being the person who suggested all sharks to have damage resistance at first lol.
looks like I wasn’t the only one.

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W suggestion

i didn’t read your post right my fault

Eh it’s fine. Barely brag about the post but I’m one of the few people who managed to get a suggestion accepted and actually implemented, and all to dampen a change that would have been too brutal.

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Bring me his head


aye captain