Giving Sunken Helmet for whoever I think is cool in the comments (done)

Just tell me about yourself if you’re comfortable with that. I’ll give it to whoever is the most interesting. oh yeah and I’ll end this whenever I feel like, prob tomorrow or something.

Well guys it’s just about 6:00 where I am.
Winner is OhHey!
Thanks for your responses folks, I’ll probably be doing more of these with different prompts.

interesting fact about me my first time swimming i nearly drowned and since then ive had ptsd ever since

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Well you see, I make stories.

I also know a decent bit of value knowledge, so I know the worth of the item you have.

A good bit of armor to give, and I’d love to have it.

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I lost a sunken chestplate to a glitch yesterday :sunglasses: i’d say thats pretty cool

Damn bro that’s rough, sorry to hear you had to go through that. Personally I can’t go swimming in the ocean thats wayyy to scary.

I surf too :sunglasses:

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Its chill it happened when i was 6 so ive got vivid memories

I tried surfing way back when but couldn’t get on my feet lol
It was fun to try and balance on my chest though

You have to be fast :sunglasses:

Send over your best story, interested in reading it now

I have one story on the forum, with three chapters. The third was a little rushed, but I’ll give you a link to the starting chapter.

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I spent 2 months (53 days exactly) at Parris Island as a United States Marine recruit.

Got sent home due to “occupational stress”.

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I really like it! Writing is something I like to do in my spare time too! One criticism would I have would be to show and not really tell the hunter and the bandit’s emotions. I’ll try and send over my draft for a college essay if I can figure out how to. Overall well done though, was a fun read!

I also paralyzed myself for 20 minutes by slamming my ass into a sharp rock so i bruised my tailbone so badly i physically couldn’t move for awhile.

I spent time down in Beaufort SC to see my mother over the summer! Were you upset that you were let go? How do you feel about it now?

I’ve gotten a lot of criticism for the actions of the characters in my stories, but I think for what I’m going for it works well. Anyways, if you ever decided to make stories maybe I’d read them. I’m thinking about continuing writing chapter 4 for wounded.

:skull: that must have been uncomfortable as hell. One of those pains that I don’t want to think about.

Oh and i forgot to mention, about the day i bruised my tailbone. A seagull took a fat shit on my head the second i got back on shore

thats tuff but i once got a shampoo bottle stuck up my behind