[💎] Guide to Market and Item Values

Disclaimer: This was heavily inspired by Boss Drop Values typed by @Minotaur

[:gem:] The Market Values

Price Points, Rarity Multipliers and Rarity.
Price points are usually not exchangeable, but an item may have two different price points, these represent the subjective value of items in my point of view, changing the actual value of the item, rarity is always a multiplier.
Observation: Fish doesnt count, unless its Vetex Fish, current value for non seasonal items will change in the future.

Price Points

  • :diamonds: Usual Points or Meta Points.
    Basic items and Crowns.

  • :small_blue_diamond:Rare Points
    Usually Boss Drops and other items that are rare, yet common, but still require grinding and farming to get and farmable one-time new Seasonal Items.

  • :gem: - Exotic Points -
    Usually Fishing Rare items, this includes current Sunkens, one-time new Seasonal Items and Lost Spells.

  • :crystal_ball: Legendary Points
    Old Seasonal items that turned unobtainable, Lost Magic Scrolls, Lost Weapons.

  • :dragon_face: Mythical Points
    Tester Fish, Primordial Magic Scrolls and Legendary Weapons, Very Old Seasonal Items that have turned unobtainable(Will be usually held by a minority of very wealthy traders).

Due to points not being exchangeable, even if you offer 100 Strong Oathkeepers for a Clean Sunken Sword, the trade might be declined.

Rarity Multipliers
They’re added due to the enchants that the item bears, might be changed when Enchanting Scrolls are added, they have the ability to add or lower the value of an item, if they synergize with the item for example Hard and Sunken Armor, they have an additional value.

  • [ Weapon Enchants ]
    • Strong (3x) - Without a doubt, Strong is currently the best enchant for weapons ever since Weapons Nerf, it’s considered 3x due to weapons enchants being a 1/3, it’d take 3 cleans for a high chance at getting the best weapon enchant
    • Swift (1.5x) - This could be considered a bad enchant on rare items and exotics, lowering it to being worse than a Clean Version in that case it’s a (0,75x)
    • Hard (0,75x) - This enchant is considered better than Swift in the rare item Vastira, in that case it’s a [1.5x), other that, it’s (0,5x) for rare weapons.
    • Heavy (2x) - No need to explain, shields are a 1/2, and this is the best enchant so it’s 2x, except for Wall of Jericho where as it is considered (3x) due to being currently the best shield in-game
    • Sturdy (0,5x)
  • [ Armor Enchants ]
    First of all, Armor Enchants are highly volatile depending on the armor, and there may be discussion.
    • Powerful (2,5x)
    • Strong (1,5x) - Except when it’s on a Minotaur Set, then it’s considered [3x] due to synergy, on any other rare set it’s considered a bad enchant so [0,75x]. Arguable.
    • Hard (2,5x) - Except when it’s on a Sunken Set, then it’s considered [3x] due to synergy. Arguable.
    • Bursting (1,25x) - Except when it’s on a Sunekn Set, then it’s considered [2,5x] due to Synergy, Arguable.
    • Keen (0,75x) - Very useful when paired with amulets, due to synergy with Casting Speed Amulet, it’s increased to (2,5x).
    • Swift (0,75x) - Very useful when paired with amulets, due to synergy with Magic Speed Amulet , it’s increased to (2,5x). Arguable due to it currently not being used in PvP Meta Sets.
    • Forceful (NULL) - Currently the worse enchant in the game, on any non rare items it’s considered a fail enchant, on rare items, they have a (0,25x), with the exception of Exiled Set due to synergy to a humble (1x).
    • SEASONAL - The value of the item isn’t affected by it’s enchants.

Items have pretty much their own rarity and value due to that, rarity is extremely subjective, and usually related to obtainability and item chance.

:crossed_swords: Item Values :crossed_swords:

Levels currently don’t matter, due to you being able to simply enter crown codes and use them to level items to the max. [e] means Each and an (IF), is the subjective value of the item if it existed right now.
Scrolls reffer both to Magic and possible Fighting Style.

[:diamonds:Normal Priced Items or Meta Priced Items]
I’d say it’s not really worth it discussing these kind of items, their entire value is usually centered around PvP.
The ratio of Normal Item to Crowns is 1x (Even enchanted). With the exception of Meta Items their crown to item ratio is 2x usually, these are:

    • [2,5 Each♦️]- Wizard Robes and Leggings [Best Enchants are Powerful and Hard]
    • [1e♦️]- Iron Armor and Leggings [Best Enchant is Hard]
    • [2e♦️] - Magic Power, Defense, Strength and Casting Speed Dull Amulets [Check Rarity Multipliers]

[:small_blue_diamond:] Rare Priced Items]

  • [2,5e🔹] Minotaur Chest and Boots

  • [1,5🔹] Minotaur Helmet

  • [1e🔹] Exiled Chest and Boots. - Exiled set is currently just bad, Minotaur set can be used for strong synergy, agility and enables the use of weapons.

  • [0,5🔹] Exiled Helmet

  • [10🔹] The Oathkeeper

  • [5🔹] The Vastira

  • [2e🔹 (SEASONAL) ] 4th July Items

  • [0,1e🔹(SEASONAL) ] Current Common Hallowen Items

[:gem:] Exotic Priced Items]

  • [1e💎] The Strong Oathkeeper This item is an entry between boss items and bad enchanted sunken items, in bulk trades.

  • [30💎(SEASONAL) ] No Head :frpensive: - This item will most definitely raise to [:crystal_ball:] Old Seasonal

  • [10💎] Sunken Iron Chestplate

  • [7,5💎] Sunken Iron Leggings

  • [5💎] Sunken Iron Helmet

  • [20💎] Sunken Sword

  • [ IF 40-75💎] Lost Spell Scrolls

  • [ IF 150-200💎] Lost Scrolls

Disclaimer: Legendary and Mythical Priced items are all speculations and reference for the future, they simply exist as a means to just edit the post and update it in case they get added and price checked.

[:crystal_ball:] Leɠҽɳԃαɾy Pɾiƈeԃ Iƚҽms]

  • [1-5e🔮] Lost Spell Scrolls

  • [10-20e🔮] Lost - Exotic Weapon

  • [10-20e🔮] Lost Scrolls

  • [7,5🔮(SEASONAL) ] No Head+ :frpensive: - WHEN, turned [:crystal_ball:]Old Seasonal

[:dragon_face:] 𝐌𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 - 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐝 𝐈𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐬]

  • [1-5🐲] Legendary Weapon
  • [1-5🐲] Primordial Scrolls
  • [1🐲(SEASONAL) ] Nσ Hҽαԃ ++ :frpensive: - WHEN, Turned [:dragon_face:]Ancient Seasonal
  • [1-2 :dragon_face:] V 🅴🆃🅴🆇 Fish :fish:

Typed by, Gabriel.

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This actually isn’t that bad, a better improvement overall to Mino’s list, which had some flaws, although you might want to tell the reader that values might differ from player to player, since the current trading system is centered all around bartering

What’s your opinion on this @drama?

rare / exotic prices are all wrong, majorly, though I do very much like the enchanted prices.

also please don’t try to determine the price of an item that doesn’t exist yet :fr:

He’s not wrong about their viability for the exiled / minotaur armor… but the community is stupid so yeah

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elaboration on enchantment section:

the part about the positive enchants I do agree with, but the community basically does this:

Power/def = woah good

Any other: woah bad (exception for any item with their own synergy of stats; aka amulets / gear with additional secondary stats)


power / defense / same enchant as amulet: woah good

any other: woah bad

@Gabriel you have done me proud son.

Remember it’s all currently. Theres not much you gain from getting a casting speed amulet, and instead of getting keen you get forceful on it. There’s only 3 accessory slots and not many armors that help in this case too.
I put Headless as 30 points due to me almost all times seeing people trading 2 headless for a strong sunken, and a headless can be naturally be traded for a clean sunken sword easily if the other trader isn’t sure that he’ll be able to get Strong on that sunken sword.
Also please point out whats really wrong about rare and exotic prices please :frpensive: since you know trading better than me.
Mythical and Legendary are just for future reference.
Also since ya pinged drama, I’mma ping another Verified Trader so I can make this guide better.
@Arctic and Unofficialy @req.

Different items are worth different amounts to different people so making this kind of rough measurement to players doesn’t really help them.

Also ya, the Legendary, Mythic and Exotic prices are very wrong.

Tester fish? Fish caught by testers?

bro, tester fish has no real price. it’s just fish. owned by a tester. ( I have 9 :fr: )

could be a nice hobby for a trader ngl

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It’s really more of a collector thing, I’ve been trying to get my hands on one but almost all the testers and gamedevs are in the states, which means they’re offline most of the time I’m on

Nobody actually values these (unless it is owned by Vetex). However, you could include niche collector’s items like Headless Head originally owned by TheHeadlessHorseman.

Headless valued it at 1 bil crowns, now is the time to grind tbh

imagine a value of an item went up like so much due to who owned it (sunken piece by a content deleted user) dang that do be collector