Happy New Year! (Forum Patch Notes v2.3)

Happy New Year everyone! Here are this week’s changes to the forum.

Punishment Reset

As stated in the rules, all moderation history from all users will be cleared, giving everyone a fresh start. However, if a user was already permanently suspended or if there was a special/recent case, they will retain their punishment(s).

Other Changes

  • Added some questions to consider when making a suggestion here
  • Increased the number of likes that each trust level can give
    • TL0-1: 8 likes (+3 likes)
    • TL2: 12 likes (+1 like)
    • TL3: 20 likes (+5 likes)
    • TL4: 30 likes (+10 likes)

I think you meant TL1, TL2, TL3, not TL2, TL3, TL2.

Otherwise, I like this change. More likes are always a good thing.

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No, he just can’t count. That’s the sacrifice of becoming a Mod



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