About the Suggestions category

About the Suggestions category
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Use this category for suggestions pertaining to the game, such as new feature ideas or changes to existing features.

Every major update, this category will be purged of old closed topics. The vote count will not matter; it will be purged if it is closed regardless.

How do I gain access to post in this category?

Start here! Please read the directions carefully.
You must be at least trust level 2 to be eligible for the role.

Suggestion Rules

  1. Do not make joke or low-effort suggestions. Suggestions are sifted through regularly, so they should be made with effort and consideration of how it will affect the game.

  2. Do not make duplicate suggestions. Before you make a suggestion, you should search to see if it was made already. If you want to continue discussing an automatically closed suggestion, you can make a topic regarding it in #game-discussion.

  3. Do not make suggestions that will not be considered. Consult this topic to see if a suggestion you want to make is permitted.

Along with following the suggestion rules, consider these guiding questions before posting a suggestion:

  • Is my suggestion realistically reasonable to add into the game? Is it worth the development time that would go into carrying it out?

  • Is my suggestion clear and specific on the proposed change or feature?

  • What sort of an impact on the game will my suggestion have? On what scale is that impact?

  • What are the pros and cons of my suggestion, and if it is not accepted, why would it not be?

  • Is my suggestion well-formatted, easy to read, and proofread to get my idea across is the best way possible?

  • Would my suggestion require a high amount of testing to be an effective, positive change/addition to the game?

  • Is my suggestion considerate of not only the concept and related aspects of the game, but also Vetex’s future plans for the game?