Having trouble with Table of Contents and headers

I wanna hop on the funny joke with stat builds but the things are confusing

Testing headers if I can

header 1

Header 2

never fucking mind this is easy to grasp i’m just a dumbass


h o w

It wasn’t working for a little bit when I was making a topic so I was confused

Still tell me how

I want a table not that bs

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Problem: what do I even do

Put what I showed you above all the other text. Should work

Ok I’ll try soon

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Usually there’s a button to put it in but either i’m braindead or they removed it. Probably the former.

No, it’s still there, but unlike making a topic a wiki post it needs to be when creating the topic, not after posting it

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Oh lol, thanks for clearing it up

It no work :sob: :sob:

Nah bro, you need to put it ABOVE the ENTIRE thing, not on each header

This is wrong actually, I probably mixed it up since I was trying to test them in PM’s ages ago with discobot and discobot was technically the sender of the PM so the button didn’t appear, the only requirement is just put it on a topic you’ve made before that’s all

finally, I didn’t use headers lmao i used bold and big

why are people still talking here :skull: