Hiring All Villains! - Chapter 11

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Kevin skimmed through the pages of the file, taking quick glances before fully delving into the possible details of the next mission. “Hey, Mr. Almondo. Based on what I’m seeing so far, this seems like a pretty important mission. Why choose us and not Team Black?”

“My, my, Kevin. For a team leader, you sure do lack the confidence. As I’ve stated before, the makeup of each team differs, making them serve different purposes. Although Team Black is fully capable of doing this mission, their powers are more destructive and do not collectively have the intellect compared to the seven of you, though they are quite comparative.”

“OMG! We’re going to the President’s Party! No way, I’ve always wanted to meet him!” Starr, one of the members of Team Pink, began to squeal and jump around the room due to sheer excitement. Her steps were fast as they clashed against the wooden floor.

Koyl, another member of Team Pink, turned to the opposite direction of Starr due to embarrassment. “Did you have to say the acronym ‘O-M-G’? Nobody does that.” The villain had a sword attached to his belt, which made a cluttering sound as he abruptly turned.

“Woah, is that a sword? I thought only people with superpowers were hired here?” Amelia asked.

“What, people with superpowers can’t use swords? I use my sword as it helps control my abilities. My power is damaging enough, so I managed to find a way to control my gift.”

“That’s actually pretty cool, I should probably consider doing that with my own power!” Orion chimed in.

“Koyl isn’t the only one of his kind that I’ve managed to hire. There’s actually quite a handful of participants who have managed to use their powers in creative ways, including weapons. This isn’t an easy task as this requires hard dedication in training and being inventive. Now, onto the mission at hand.”

“So, are we gonna popcorn read this thing?” Alpha asked. Everyone slowly faced his direction, confused by his statement.”

“…” Nico stayed quiet, but a look of confusion was visible on his face.

“Popcorn read… Mr. Lesley, are you alright? This isn’t some sort of elementary school where we take turns reading and sing our ABCs.”

“I was just suggesting…” Alpha appeared to be sad, his face slightly tilted towards the ground.

“Anyway, this mission will prove vital, as Starr already pointed out, due to it being at the President’s White House party. He just recently won his reelection campaign and decided to throw a big party for it. The man is a real party animal if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, Vice President Coolidge will be there, that filthy piece of trash.”

“You really have something against the Vice President, Mr. Almondo.” Orion stated.

“Anyways, the important thing is that I will be attending this party to further talk of matters concerning the DVP to the President. There have been rising rumors that from the previous nationwide attack on politicians some few months ago, another might strike up again at this very party. A lot of important figures will be here, so it’s no wonder why. Seeing as the President is well aware and supports this organization, he has personally asked me to bring some of you to this party in order to protect him and the guests. Normal body guards can only do so much.”

When Mr. Almondo finished, there were three knocks on the office door. “Ah, it’s Wanda, come in.”

“The outfits you ordered, Mr. Almnodo, have arrived. Who’s ready to dress for the part?”

“You have no idea how ecstatic I am right now! Look. At. All. These. CLOOOOTHES!!!” Starr began to spin around in circles, causing small sprinkles of light to emit from her body.

“Starr, what are those things coming off from your body there?” Kevin asked.

Starr slowly stopped and went to face Kevin. “Oh, that just happens when I’m excited, my superpower is light itself, pretty cool right? Whenever I’m happy, I just can’t help the light shining from my body!”

“Wow, look at this! I don’t think I’ve ever worn a suit this fancy before.” Orion was amazed by the selection of clothes that Wanda reeled in from the door. Nico was also having his fair share of admiration as well. Mr. Almondo took a sip of his coffee, having a slight feeling of happiness by the sight of the villains.

“Our flight leaves in a week from now. I suggest you all get acquainted with each other, get some training in, and get ready for our departure. Who knows, the party might turn into a long night. Well, that’s all for now. We’ll discuss more tomorrow.” All of the villains left the office while reeling the rack of clothing away. Wanda decided to stay behind.

“Mr. Almondo, may I ask you a question?”

“Please, go ahead.”

“You said earlier to Fred and I that you’ll be having a brief meeting with the President during this party, right? So, what exactly will this meeting be for then?”

“Wanda, you don’t know this yet, but a wave of death is near approaching. There’s a war coming that will dismantle the world as we know it…”

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solution! Just be kind to one another.

solution! deathmatch