Hiring All Villains! - Chapter 10

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Two men in black suits were tied into wooden chairs with large bundles of tough rope. An itchy potato sac sat on top of both of their heads. Both of the sacs were removed from them, revealing the appearances of both the men.

“Governors of Illinois and Ohio, it’s such a p-pleasure to meet you both this f-fine evening.” Both of the men tried to cry out, but their mouths were sealed shut due to strong duct tape. The man who removed the sacs started to rub his sharp nails against their faces, feeling their skin softly with each of his fractured fingers. “Did you know that there’s a l-little rumor going around about the b-both of you. How about you fine gentlemen j-just tell me about what you no-know.” The man became jittery in his speech, struggling constantly as he spoke. The two men continued to attempt to scream, but it was no use. “Oh y-yeah, you ne-ne-need to have those th-things off in oh-order to talk.” The capturer then ripped the duct tape off of one of the governor’s mouths.

“Tell you about what, crazy?! Just wait until the police find us so that they can take your filthy hands away from me!”

“Oh, Governor, it se-seems that you’ve become a bit confused. The po-police won’t be joining us today as we are in a remote se-secret location. I do have one q-question though, does the name ‘DVP’ sound familiar to you?” Both of the governors became too stunned to speak or move. “Ahh, so you d-do? I’m sure you both now know why you’re h-here.”

“You won’t get away with this!” The man then faced the opposite direction to stare off into the dark, mysterious room. He pulled back his long, tangled hair with one of his hands, slowly putting it back down to his side.

“I already have.” The individual then closed his eyes, seeming to be in some sort of trance. When he opened them, his eyes became crimson red. With those types of eyes, they could scare anyone to death. “Let’s get over this quickly, I have a party to attend to.”

Team Blue, composed of Kevin, Amelia, Nico, and Orion, all sat down in Mr. Almondo’s office. Mr. Almondo wasn’t present in the room, so the team waited patiently until he returned.

“UhHHhhhHhhHHhhhHHHhhhhhhhhHHHHhH! I’m so bored!!!” Amelia then continued to lay on the floor, filled to the brim with boredom.

“Amelia, that is no way of treating the boss’s office. He must’ve called us for a certain reason, maybe for a mission, so we must take this opportunity with full bliss and respect.

“You know, Mr. Laury…” Amelia spat out mockingly. “You’ve become a real stuck-up ever since you were in this ‘leadership role.’ I think all the power might be going into your brain. Its definitely not good for you.”

“Have any recommendations?” Orion asked.

“He should just give the leader role to me, I’ll keep it nice and warm for ya!” As Amelia laid on the floor, Mr. Almondo entered the room, as well as some other fellow members from the division.

“Ms. Amelia, what are you doing laying on the floor…” Amelia looked straight up towards Mr. Almondo with fear in her eyes. Kevin decided to kick her in order for her to get up more quickly, with Amelia making a small squeal in pain.

“Please, Team Pink, come on into the room. We have certain matters to discuss.” Mr. Almondo went to sit down in his chair, taking a small sip of coffee on the way there. “Now that I look at it, it’s been poor planning on my part to have all 7 of you in a medium-sized office such as this one.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Almondo, we all have plenty of space!”

Orion then leaned over towards Amelia’s ear. “Guess Kevin isn’t as stuck-up as her.”

“Team Blue, Team Pink, the both of you better get acquainted as you two teams will be working together on this next mission.”

“Oh C’mon! I’m already remembering enough people as it is!” One of the members yelled out.

“Now, now. I know that this is abrupt news seeing as I’ve called you all into my office so suddenly, but you better get used to it as you will be teaming up with other people in the near future. I’ve created files for each of you in order to better understand the mission up ahead. This will take some time, but I pride myself in knowing that you’re all capable. If you’re not… well, let’s not discuss what’ll happen to you. Before we take a brief preview, how about each of you reveal your names. Team Blue, you can go first.”

“Oh, sure. Hey, I’m Kevin, and I’m the leader of Team Blue.”

“I’m Amelia and I indulge in the hobby of killing men.”

“My name is Orion and next to me is my best friend, Nico. He’s not much of a talker.” Nico then made a brief wave towards the other team.

“Alright, Team Pink, your turn.”

“My name is Starr and I have the power to bring hope and joy to everyone in the world!” Starr then continued by making a sad dance, finishing by pointing a finger up to the sky.

“I’m Alpha, and I’m considered to be one of the strongest people around.” Alpha decided to flex his muscles, somehow becoming entranced by them.

“I’m Koyl and I hate my teammates…”

“That’s understandable.” Mr. Almondo replied. “Now, I’ve gathered you all here to discuss a very important and vital mission. It’s so imperative that this mission is accomplished to full success that I personally will be accompanying you all.”

“Well, what are we doing?” Orion asked.

“Just open the damn file, it states it right there! The intellect of you people. I created the files for a reason! This is already becoming an unpleasant start.”

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