Hiring All Villains! - Chapter 14

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Author’s Note: Sadly, I wasn’t able to write a chapter last week as it was Finals week and I needed to concentrate on that. Luckily enough, I got good grades for the semester! :+1: Enjoy the chapter!

Amelia began to walk down an empty hallway that resided on the second floor. There were tons of rooms that were perfectly symmetrical aisle-for-aisle. She began to glance at the plethora of photographs that were on the tan walls. As she continued forward, the rest of the hallway had no lights on, meaning if she wanted to, she would have to walk in the dark.

With curiosity taking over her, she decided to reach into her bountiful red hair. She hurried through her hair, unapologetic as to how it would look for the remainder of the party. The villain then took out a small, pink pocket flashlight in order to venture out into her hallway journey.

Strangely, one of the doors had a metal doorknob to it, with light emitting from the bottom. Curious, Amelia placed her hand on the doorknob, slowly attempting to turn it, but it was locked. She moved her hair to the side to place her ear to the door in order to hear any sound. The voices were faint, but she could tell that a conversation was occurring inside of the room.

“So, you really think that this whole charade will work?! This whole arrangement is endangering our citizens more than before!”

“Listen, I understand all of your concerns, but the DVP is not addressing just matters of the present, but of mostly the future. I assure-”

“Almondo, there is nothing to assure here! This is straight psychotic.”

Amelia leaned in closer to the door, invested into the conversation. “So, Mr. Almondo is in there. He must be talking to the President and some other government guys. It’s been so long since I’ve had a taste of killing a man for my own benefit. Oh, those were the days.”

A deep, profound voice then took up the conversation. His tone was renounced while resonating throughout the room, but remained steadily in a calm manner. “Hah, it seems as though some of you don’t have a liking towards this new plan, how could I blame you? The lives of the American people are at stake here, I want a solution as much as all of you do. In order to do that, we must come together for a common goal.”

“Who is that, and why is his voice so… macho?” Amelia wondered to herself.

“Listen, we all can go back and forth as to what ideas we have, but there’s already a clear-cut answer right in front of us. Almondo and I have done quite some work together, so when the thought of the DVP first came up, I had no other choice but to put him in this position. The DVP is directly what we need.”

“Well, Mr. President, when you put it like that, I guess you have a point. But still, I need more reassurance into what we’re exactly getting into.”

“I would have to agree, I need more details.”

“Reassurance, that’s all we ever want… right, Almondo?”

“Of course, Mr. President. In fact, our first division is already turning out to be a huge success, so we plan on launching Division 2 very soon.”

“You see, that’s wonderful news. Wouldn’t you all agree?” There was then a collective murmur within the room. “You all will understand eventually. Now, onto the next order of business… Plan 41-A. We have been receiving problems at the border, so my team has generated a way in order to make use of said migrants.”

“Like what?” One of them asked.

Suddenly, there was a sudden loud knocking way above the ceiling. Amelia let herself off of the door to wonder what the commotion was about.

“Hey, did you guys hear that!?” One of the voices sounded very loud and worried.

The knocking then proceeded to get louder and louder.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call one of my men to inform us of the loud sounds! It could just be some form of construction outside?”

“Construction!? I was never informed on any construction with the White House today!”

Before Amelia knew it, a large gust of particles and objects flew into her direction, knocking her into the ground. There was a slight clearing, but a whole section of the White House was blown off, exposing Amelia to the cool air. Screams could be heard all around the building, with sounds of frantic shuffling and moving furniture.

From her earpiece, Amelia could hear loud yelling. “Does anyone know what’s going on, there’s a loud explosion!”

Mr. Almondo frantically replied back. “There’s been a large explosion on the second floor, and the President is in trouble! Everyone come up to the second floor immediately and get the President to safety! I repeat, everyone to the second floor!” Amelia had no other choice but to dash as fast as she could as she knew she was the closest. Since the explosion occurred directly close to her, she decided to run around the room instead of wasting time by breaking it. Due to her running, the bottom of her dress began to rip, but she was luckily wearing leggings underneath anyways.

She went out to the clearing to find three figures in cloaks directly on the White House lawn. One of the figures yelled out, “Invisibility!” and they suddenly all vanished. Frantically, Amelia let out gusts of wind into the direction that she saw the figures. The enemies were then knocked to the ground, with them all coming back visible again.

“Her, up there! Well, well, well; I guess we were right. The DVP pests really are here after all! I’ll get her myself…” The woman quickly dashed towards Amelia within only a second, and made one large punch towards her stomach. Amelia was sent back flying, but managed to fall down safely.

“Super speed, I’m guessing?”

“Eh, close to it.” The woman dashed up quickly as she did before, and created another powerful blow at Amelia.

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