Hiring All Villains! - Chapter 6

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“Mr. Almondo was smart to have chosen this location.”

“Really, Wanda? How so.” Orion was confused as to what Wanda was implying.

“You’ll learn soon enough. When you work as another’s assistant for so long, you begin to start thinking like them. Now, I want everyone to spread out. When I give the signal, I want you to ravage this whole street. Keep going until people start to notice. I’ll be hiding somewhere as I don’t have much protection. I leave it up to you.” Wanda then jogged off from the street into an alley.

“This whole thing seems a bit uneventful, don’t ya think? Oh well, I just want to terrorize some men. They’ll be screaming for their lives!”

“I agree with Amelia, except for the whole men part. That’s kinda sexist.”

“…” Nico stood quietly as he didn’t really care about the conversation at hand. The group then noticed that a red flare light was shot towards the sky. That was the signal that Wanda had assigned to attack. The group looked at each other and began terrorizing. Once a small store had been attacked by Kevin, loads of people ran out for safety. Screams could be heard as they continued on with their attack.

Amelia had wind powers, so she was able to throw gusts of wind at the buildings. Whenever men were running, she had specifically targeted them and injured them fatally. Kevin had ice abilities, so he was able to spread it across the street. Once his ice had gained enough coverage, he launched ice spikes from the cold ground. Orion had a special ability that made him unique. His powers worked like fireworks, only the byproduct of the main explosion turns into mini explosions. He projected one large ball of his attacks towards an apartment building, allowing it to blow up. After the first explosion, many smaller explosions followed afterward. Finally, Nico had the ability of telekinesis, making him able to pick up objects with only his mind. He decided to pick up some of the street lamps and smash them against windows down the street.

“Why are you doing this to us?!” A man screamed out.

“Mom, help me!” A little boy was squashed underneath some rubble. A group of guys attempted to rescue the child, but Amelia decided to use her wind abilities to crash more rubble onto the innocent people. The street was beginning to clear up of people as the sounds of honking cars, destroyed homes, and shattered glass became more eminent. In the distance, police sirens began to ring out. It seemed as if it were a whole fleet of police vehicles.

“Wait, I thought the police were to arrive later on. They seem to have scheduled an early appointment!” Kevin used his ice to create a slide for easier transportation towards the cops. Once high enough, he gathered ice crystals to then hurtle towards them. Many vehicles managed to swerve out of the way, but some were still struck. An after effect was made where they were beginning to pile up against each other.

The police managed to fly past Kevin, creating a blockade of police cars surrounding him. Some of them started to slowly lift off of the street thanks to Nico. They were then tossed away to the side. When more sirens rang in the distance, Wanda had shot another red flare as an order to get out from the scene. “Hey, everyone! Come next to me so that I can get us all out of here!” The group then met up with Kevin and were about to take off.

Suddenly, a loud screech was heard from the sky. Both the police and new villains were confused by what the noise could be. A bright, orange light emitted from the sky as if it were a small star. Small shots from the ball of bright light began hurtling towards the villains’ way, causing Kevin to put up a large ice shield for protection. The wall only managed to stay strong for a while as streams of flames created holes right through it.

“It seems that we already have a hero on our hands. We weren’t expecting this in such a neighborhood!” Orion yelled out. He then used his powers to send out small explosions to block each flare bullet from the sky. Surprisingly, the bullets quickly stopped and the attack was over. The group was still quick on their feet as the attack could have been a distraction. From directly below them, a man in mostly red and yellow flew himself to punch one of the villains. Kevin managed to dodge the punch, responding with an icy punch of his own. The punch had landed, but the mysterious hero didn’t seem finished yet.

The hero then began to charge up in a full on rage. Large solar flares began to flicker off his body, creating an environment of immense heat. “Guys, I think this is our time to get outta here! This guy is crazy!” Amelia became worried as the man continued to charge up.

“You guys go on to Wanda. Nico and I will take care of the rest!” Nico had then looked at Orion as if he were annoyed. Still, nothing came from his mouth, making Orion think that he would go with the plan.

“No, you guys. Listen here. We came here as a team, so we will fight this guy as a team. We didn’t come all the way here for nothing. Imagine, if we defeat this guy, all of the money we might get from the boss man himself!” Amelia then nodded to agree, as she loved the idea of extra money.

“We might- no, we will face greater threats than this guy in the future, so we might as well start now! What do you guys say?” The group all looked at each other and gave no objection. A loud roar came from the man in the distance as he began flying upward using powerful fire. Kevin then took down his ice wall, letting the villains and the hero have a clear view of each other; the team having been already lined up next to each other. Orion looked behind him, seeing the police were all watching the spectacle of a fight and not wanting to get involved.

“Division 1, let’s get this- uh, big torch!” The group had gone silent and all looked at Kevin. “What?”

“You really need to work on those comeback skills…” Amelia whined.