Holy guacamole this is bonkers

he doesnt macro fish, ive seen macrofishers with 100 hours and 16,000 fish. he would have WAY more fish if he did macrofish. like crimson said, he just afks for the age stat

afking for 6k hours seems too extreme no? He’ll have to change servers and stuff as well

last i saw him he had like 65 age and now he’s 70 :sob:

No dawg keeping your computer up 24/7 contributes to overheating, which can severely fuck up whatever going inside your computer, and also increase it’s wear. Ontop of raising your electricity bill keeping your computer on to flex your AO hours isn’t a good idea


this is true

i saw another master angler quite a while ago with 2k something hours and 80k fish caught

i took this pic of him on the 22nd of january so he has played over 500 hours in since then

seems like a legit file tho?

maybe he used to macro fish or boss farm and then stopped it seems like

No he just afk as much as he can, farming his pc for AO hour count

icl, this shit is kinda sad

how does this work lol

this dude is nearly as old as my grandma bro :sob:

And ofc his 58k fish caught were obtained absolutely legally)))

Probably he fishes normally, 58k fish caught is nothing for 6400 hours, 6400 hours you can easily catch more than 400k-550k

There’s a dude named Alex I think that fished 100k fish legit. Anyways, if he was macro fishing 56k fish can be done in like 600 hours probably, not 6000

I know.

Still hard to believe, that this guy is happy with afking and fishing for 18 hours straight every day. :confused:

Because he isn’t fishing 18 horus per day? He’s just afking

All of his stats are shit expect fishing. Thats probably his main thing to do in the game. Under “happy with afking and fishing for 18 hours straight” I meant that he is doing only these two things, ofc there may be days when he is not fishing at all.

no, the fishing stat is extremely low, if he was really fishing all that time he would probaby have multiple HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of fish caught at least

mortal trying not to argue challenge