If you could add one type of magic to Arcane Odyssey what would it be?

imagine training for so long to be a police officer to be defeated by mud


That’s why mud was removed

what the fuck did i even do

You know what you did at 4:12 AM that night on August 14th, 2018…

We all know…


I am the oracle

:crystal_magic_var1: :crystal_magic_var2: :crystal_magic_var3: :crystal_magic_var4: :crystal_magic_var5: :crystal_magic_var6: :crystal_magic_var7:

something to do with mist/fog

color spectrum based lost/ancient magic would be cool

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Asta’s anti-magic is my inspiration.

I want nuclear/radiation magic :frowning_face: :radioactive:

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Ghost magic or spirit magic

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