If you could already create your first ultimate art / special attack, what will yours be like?

Nothing much , only a giant fireball the max biggest i can put. ( like arcane adventures lightning and shadow OR


fixed your title

Light Magic: Divine Spear, just a semi-large single blast.

many thanks


why would you make anything other than your bnb your ultimate art i mean its just free damage really (unless theres a cooldown or sumn or ultimate art spells? idk bro wom bad)

actually why would you choose to not make every spell an ultimate art, i forget how they work and im def not hopping on wom to see the descrption so idk if they use more mana or something

because is cool :wink:

greater consistent damage > greater situational damage

also i dont think you quite understand what i mean, bnb means bread n butter, which in game terms means the combos/attacks that you do most of the time for optimal damage, in woms case they’re blasts so

Honestly for me special art in all will just be another tier level. , and much better just one of the power you choose.

like , no is more special if you have it on all

A massive posion zone spell just to cause half of the map to suffer from poison DOT


You can only have one ult per magic

I’ll probably do the aura spell since it heals (unless it was removed) and the drain was removed in the mode spell revamp so I won’t lose all of my energy in 3 seconds

yes same , I want a final art inferno fire aura

then the point baove it still stands, why would you choose anything other than your bnb spells (pvp wise)

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a damn mode so like a fire mode, or a gigantic fire sword that impale down my enemy

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Most likely a blast at 20% size. Since ultimate arts increase the size of the spell it won’t be as small, and it’ll do a lot more damage. I’m a magma user, so I’ll open with that spell to get the most out of the melting status effect

Depends on how certain ultimate arts work since explosion, high jump, hover, and the dash move seem useless as ultimate arts due to the effect and cast time; blast seems good for most magics but beam sounds better for slower magics and the mode spell could be useful depending on how good the regular one is in pvp (cast time could make you a free kill).

On release there really is no reason to not pick either blast or beam besides for fun, in the future you’ll get more slots for them for more variety like Mages having 4-5 and hybrids having 2, but the extra slots could just be backups incase you missed the first blast/beam ult

100% , and them saying if you have one special for every spells , you still can only use spell by spell

like giant fireball , giant beam etc

thats what im saying, but i don’t really agree about the beam part, they’re pretty situational and still situational for heavy magics in wom, it could be a lot different in ao where beams are actually useful and arent just a high risk low reward tool thats asking to be punished if you use it in most scenarios, but we shall see what unfolds in ao i guess

Among Us magic: Ventilation Assassination
(I know among us isnt funny cry about it)

I crying