Imo,AO should have separate pve and pvp servers

bounty/fame and reputation should be different imo
reputation should go -8000 to 8000 like in wom
bounty should build up by doing bad things and get completely cleared when the player is arrested unless gained through assassination/bounty hunting
fame should build up from bounty hunting as a good rep

this actually sounds like a really good idea ngl

this was pretty much the aa (arcane adventures) model

this is all i added

not reading allat, rkers just get a hit from rking

This thread is like a blind and a deaf arguing

One has to lip read the other has to have the other side of the argument played through a text to speech lol

Im a pve player and Id say this is just too much hassle to implement

right now if you want to avoid pvp, literally just sail to the northern portion of the map, sweats and rkers dont have the patience to go out of their way and track you down (if you want a pve server, just go to any island other than Ravenna or Munera lmao).

And it’s not like Ravenna is important, either. You just happen to spawn there. If you want to run cargo, go for sailor’s lodge, you won’t lose too much profit. You can fish from any other damn island in the game, and pvp is unheard of in the dark sea.

The only minor gripe I have is that timmies trying to finish the storyline for the first time will be forced to fight two difficult bosses on the same island populated by pvpers with hundreds/thousands of player kills and/or hours.

tl;dr: you can literally do all of your business in a server full of pvpers and not be bugged at all, you just forgot that the rest of the bronze sea exists and that you can hide in it.