Instrument weapons?

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This is very interesting.I don’t recall seeing this before. …now I wonder how I’m going to optimize my support build. I can’t truly decide until I see the requirements but I do love planning out my builds. I guess now I have to choose between Paladin(Tanky healer with enough stat points to utilize some of the buffing weapons) Mage(If theres going to be lost spells in the future which can also buff people) or Warlock(Which would be squishy but allow me to utilize healing lost magics and most instrument weapons)


Hold on that must be fairly new, wow that’s actually pretty interesting. I could see it working well with Knight as a tank support, or conjurer with healing/life as a healing support

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Warlocks are magic/strength, you might mean conjurer since they use weapons

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Bards in AO?

I got a banjo in AR now i want one in AO

If i wont be able to do a Taunt Kill with instrument - they are useless for me


im not sure how i feel about this, me and my friends were gonna make a small band in ao with these instruments but now im not sure if they work how we wanted them to

i was considering making my conjuror build more damage based, but this seems like a really cool idea, might switch to support if they also have magic instruments

I guess @DRobinHood’s suggestion got accepted.

Bard subclass, pog

It does say “type of instrument” so they’ll probably be seperate from the playable instruments

So we don’t have just Magic Synergies and Healing Magic for parties now, we also have Instruments.

I’m now tempted to create a ship with a bunch of players just making sea shanties with them.

I hope that these will basically be aura spells for weapon builds

Fun Fact

Bagpipes were classified as weapons by the British Government until 1996
Scotland Forever

This is a huge W.