Is Thermo Fist even useable as of 1.16.7?

That’s fair, attack size is funny, but tbh speed is harder to balance against size (typically the 2 most run substats aside from agility), vetex needs to revamp intensity soon so it isn’t just size and speed fighting for 3rd place

baituchiha back at it again
@AnUnoriginalUsername you fell for his genjutsu!

This is the most rambling I have ever seen, and its not even puncutated rambling for gods sake. Nightmare to read.

I really can’t deal with trolls because I always assume they’re serious so I actually argue with them lol

Thermo micro lags everytime i m1(basic attack) to increase heat, i dropped it for boxing for the consistent speed

Baituchiha back at it again :100:

Sure, I don’t agree with the way the game is balanced right now. And yes, I think that the size meta is alot less skill based compared to the speed meta, but i don’t constantly complain about it. You clearly just ragebait people by constantly sharing your opinion as if it is a fact. I don’t know if you noticed, but there is a disclaimer on the title screen that says " the game is in early access for a reason, so dont expect the game to be bug free and perfectly balanced…" so just cut vetex and the balance team some slack, and stop acting so defensive every tine someone criticises your opinion

ngl my ping goes to shit after I use thermo

it is not vetex fault i only blame bteam they suggest these horried changes to my beloved game

mf i dont just sit here and make shit up ofc everything i say is fact. its funny cuz after everything i said the bteam is getting revamped and is probably getting his brother to lead it. I talked to Vetex in patreon the other day and he agreed with me for the most part that there was a lack of leadership in bteam.

the only opinion i have is that attack spd is more fun that is subjective. atk spd needing more skill than size is not subjective thoe that is an obvious fact.

intensity is actually pretty good as is. it just doesnt show up in raw math but its very good. i use 50-100 in my builds. it increases ur dps by between.5 or .7x depending on what dot u have

I don’t think anyone has ever taken this guy seriously anymore since like 60% of his posts are bait, the rest are all Vetex meatriding

Ok that’s just a straight up lie. Using 50-100 intensity is not as good for increasing dps as just investing into more power instead. Intensity is the worst substat by far

its not. ask anyone who pvps potatomon introduced me to it himself

who? :skull:

i’m running ice thermo for shits and giggles because i got bored of sailor and it’s not that bad. people are heavily exaggerating

the heat meter is really only noticeably hard to maintain if i’m forced to play defensive i.e. against a size build

aosl competitor well known in pvp world

man I can’t believe people use scald builds in 2024


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