Isnt strong SS guna be gone

Isnt strong sunken SS gunna be turned into clean in AO why is it still valued alot

btw made a presentation just for this here

And no it youtube its not virus


I thought it gives the link not the video :skull::skull::skull:

no its not
strong enchanted ARMOUR pieces get changed to clean. not weapons

oh guess i need to grind for that mf

it just gets changed to powerful, exact same thing just a different visual

@Misinput you this guy for real

strong on weapons gets turned to powerful. like they said, just different visuals

strong on ARMOUR, however, will get turned into clean

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this is a genuine question i have though, it has almost no demand from in game players and is worse than swift, why is it still valued higher than swift?

previously, when the trading scene was actually more active, it was in very high demand
MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH higher demand than swift

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bc got a swift SS it sucked ass and why low demand bc people wants headless so much i offered someone my whole powerful set for sunken SS mf said no :frowning:

now the only reason it has higher demand is because the 2 traders left on this website say it does!!111!!!1!

welcome to wom trading

powerful wiz set or sunken set?

That’s something I’ve noticed. I really don’t think 2 random people should be allowed to decide the entire games economy, but I’m just a random joe and no one cares about my opinion

…just watch the marketplace and you’ll see that it obviously has more demand and people in general offer more for it and care more for it than swift ss…

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except we dont decide it wtf you mean bro, youre constantly spouting random shit


a decent amount of people been saying stuff like that, it seems like ppl are getting confused but i already explained and argued abt this in another topic so tbh if someone else says something like that again ima just link them this

why the fuck did i write such a huge paragraph, oh well cant be arsed to make a smaller version so theyll have to deal with it

it’s almost as if

sss is worth more despite being worse

because of popular demand :scream: