La Dévolution!

get it? Because I’m Devo and La Revolution and ANYWAYS

With the recent results of the election, chaos has risen; and so has a Tyrant. Macobre, a Leader of the Forum, has assumed the role of President. Her Presidential Acceptance Speech (which you can find [here])(Presidential Acceptance Speech) carries nothing but bad news. The democracy has been turned into a dictatorship, with her as self proclaimed ‘Empress’. Her first act was to make Artists first-rate citizens, as long as others, such as writers and staff. The new ranking system is based on your power and role. She even declares that all of our likes belong to artists, meaning we have to like all of their posts from this point forward. We are also forced to honor the 𝕮𝖆𝖙𝖆𝖑𝖞𝖘𝖙𝖘 𝖔𝖋 𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖔𝖘, which started off to be a small artist group and is now a fully formed dictatorship. And of course, additional high rankers are to be honored too, such as Meta, techlevel2020, and Vetex. Then she has audacity to say thank you!

What I’m trying to do here today is to form La Révolution- no, La Dévolution to stop this madness. It should be obvious that the only person allowed to dictate is myself!

Ways you can defy the new Government:

  • Don’t pay respect to the artists (Of course still respect their work as they are all amazing; but don’t tell them I said that)

  • Do not let macobre’s threats get to you, such as “Demoting you to TL0”

To be honest I’m doing this for entertainment. Revolutions are fun.

La Dévolution!

Current Members:

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War I want a lawless off topic

If you revolt with me we can have whatever we want

We can forge this forum to our liking

Good now all we need are more allies

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Complete Anarchy was my idea on how to run Off Topic

i’ll consider it

I know you want to

give me a Croissant and I’ll consider it

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i’ll give you one and a half

freshly baked

Two allies we need are mako or snow crab

I’m sure @desired_bag would be happy to join

I hope

My lov, do you not understand that we’re catalysts of chaos?


Don’t try convincing my members macobre. This is my turf.

This is #off-topic, so I beg to differ

chaos does not require government.

I’m not with this guy anyways.
He hasn’t given me my croissant.


I gave you a croissant and a half!

Ew. I hate Eggplants.

Then don’t take it, ez

I agree, least favourite vegetable