Limbus Company Gameplay Thread

I also used him at the start of the game since he happened to have decent coinage.

He’s still barely useful though, only being good because his raw numbers aren’t terrible

My Compass Was Swallowed By The Sea
Anyways, the boss fights in canto 5 dungeon were manageable. I liked the difficulty of everything aside from the dream devouring siltcurrent. 5-30 still sucks horribly, but the rest of the canto makes up for it. Holy hell was that peak storywriting. I liked the trio fight once I realized it wasn’t going to be annoying (I killed the assist attack one rather quickly), and the final fight was.

Holy shit peak writing

but to be fair the dungeon was probably a lot easier because I got fiery down from that one fight. Fiery down + 3 burn ids = death
and also because I had ardor blossom star, which meant that I could clash basically anything if I could manage to get the sp

Clip dump (canto 5 spoiler warning, hopefully the thumbnail doesn’t give anything away)

(Lebron caught trying to offset a counter :man_facepalming:)

This is another less satisfying Bones Claim that happened earlier in the same fight:

Only took more than a year of playing to be able to replicate the youtube videos with the Big Number and Dopamine

I learned how to use gift fusion to get Lucky Pouch and fuse for Clear Mirror, Calm Water

doesn’t offsetting a counter just disable certain counters?
i usually use the offset method to disable fairy long legs’s counter that way, since the counter’s damage is large enough to stagger my BL units that aren’t resistant to pierce.

how do offsets work exactly? I know that they happen when you use a defence skill on a defence skill, but I’m not too sure what it actually does

also, that’s a canto 6 spoiler. You can’t be spoiling one of the funniest moments in the entire game!


Basically if you use a defense skill on an enemy defense skill you completely negate it (ofc you need to be higher speed to intercept or have the skill already target the unit). The enemy’s defense skill isn’t used at all and I believe most effects from the enemy’s defense skill will not activate. It will say “offset” at the top when you are doing it correctly, otherwise it will say “one-sided guard”.

Useful for completely removing a high rolling evade (e.g. kromer) and maybe some special effects (e.g. also kromer with her sp loss on evade).

It doesn’t seem to work with counters as seen in the first clip (cannot offset a counter afaik). I tried to offset The Enemy’s counter with BL Don’s evade and it still activated normally.

huh, that may have been useful with Distorted Kim, though I personally just beat the hell out of him to ignore his gimmick

oh i see.
i realized about Offsets quite early in the game (beggining of Canto 3 i think), i didn’t know what it does alot of the time, but it seems i have been using it correctly to counter certain defensive skills without looking up what Offset does in the first place.

me when the fucking 45 sanity sinner rolls tails on a very important clash and now the enemy that has sp gets a fuckin bonus (this has happened TWICE today)

Canto 6 much?

5.5 pt 2 and also that corridor 2 fight in canto 6 yes, currently in the middle of her dying to my sinners using ego

why the fuck is there a third corridor fight I’m out of enkaphalin

damn, i am once again gonna be behind with progression…
part 2’s final stage is becoming such a tiresome, repetetive task to deal with, and i still didn’t beat it.

it’s gonna be real funny if I manage to somehow outprogress you considering this is what my team looks like:

(basically my only ego equipped aside from electric screaming that I threw on don is a threadspin 4 ardor blossom star)

how are you even beating Canto 6 with a team worse than mine? :frcryin:

do i just have a skill issue or does Bloise fall off in this Canto?
considering the enemies are slash resistant…that might be a possibility.

ardor blossom star at threadspin 4 hard carries along with sinclair, having a 5 attack weight skill that inflicts burn, raises stagger threshold and is blunt, against blunt weak enemies, is great

until I don’t check ishmael’s hp and she fucking staggers herself when she tries to use it

hopefully you have good identities, especially those that clash well, for what’s coming up in part 2 in terms of boss fights.

best I can do for you is ego, sinclair and also maybe shi heathcliff once I finally level him up

if you want some potential assistance to try to help you through some fight, I can always offer the dawn office fixer sinclair support id

not sure if it’s possible for me to even proc the EGO in the first place for one of the part 2 boss fights.
just need some good clashing power is all.

may I introduce you to getting lucky and winning 3 clashes, getting EGO

that, or you can (painfully) level magic bullet outis to get her crazy rolling skill 3

as a sidenote, I find it funny (and painful) that burn teams get kinda shafted by their ids, that meaning that TWO extremely vital ids that drastically increase your team’s overall strength are locked behind walpurgisnacht

having a problem with clashing?

i introduce you all to cinqclair, goat of this canto, john clasher, john haste

he can literally do everything! get the strong attacks off your man and win clashes easily! (dont trust that favored it turns into a dominating if he has more speed)