Limbus Company Gameplay Thread

The only EGO of Heathcliff that i can fuel is Ya Sumnyata tad Rupam, but that one’s expensive.

Even when i got it once…half of my team was already staggered or dead.

again, change up your team, get some envy/lust

not sure if i have another character that has poise or bleed that also fuels envy or lust.

you don’t specifically need a team synergy, as long as you can fuel bodysack

anyways, after that

DAMN rodion went INSANE, like I know sinclair died 5 turns before the fight ended but good god

And now, I have finished Canto 6

good luck with finally beating that fight you’re still stuck on, it was the one that took the most resets for me (specifically for turn 1 clash winning/speed ranges)

This run was really lucky, got hoarfrost footprint asap and eventually got almost every sinking gift

I made Glupo cry more…

Ngl md4h is way easier than before. There’s probably a lot of reasons like fighting abnos via event nodes being op, fusion gifts not being incredibly confusing, or card packs existing

Next mirror dungeon iteration desparately needs some way to increase difficulty, because otherwise its gonna be balanced around level 50 units and be too alienating. Also consistent power trips every run is gonna get boring (not for me anytime soon but i can see it happening). I think something like Hades’ pack of punishment or an ascension system like Slay the Spire or Balatro would be really fun; i have my ideas for a mix of both but this aint a Roblox game so it’s not going anywhere.

I think Project Moon is starting to realize that the gameplay will never be hard and fights will always devolve into win rate spam with enough ego gifts; the only difficulty comes from your decisions in a mirror dungeon run and optimizing your gifts

I wonder how hard md4h would be if you purposefully didn’t pick any ego gift.

Anyways, I’ve gotten an updated team now. The real team is Rodya, Sinclair, Ryoshu, Meursault, Hong Lu and Ishmael. I’m currently considering whether to uptie Meursault or Hong Lu. Any thoughts?


Liu Meursault and Hong Lu don’t get very good benefits on uptie 4 and they’re still bad as a standalone id (both get fixed with burn fusion, but it’s just an insane buff to everything). Hong Lu’s potency application is low so he’s best used for his support passive which gives a lot of free burn count if used correctly.

Meursault is better, buuut I really don’t recommend it just cause he kinda sucks in general.

Liu Gregor has a lot of burn potency application and seems to get reasonably better at upt4 (both in burn application and coinage via conditionals). I’d still save though, since if you’re gonna try and get another burn id (like magic bullet outis or liu ishmael) then the thread would be better used for them.

Edit: There’s also a upt2 Middle Don for some reason. Not sure why she exists, but you might as well make her usable by giving her upt3 (really depends if you’re actually gonna commit to a bleed/envy team)

So, today I beat my first md4h, and it was pretty cool. Seeing basic enemies roll fucking 20s with their skills (not javelin btw) was cursed, and having to restart two fucking times because my commemorative coin corroded ishmael or she rolls tails both times and doesn’t stagger the sloshing idiots was annoying. Final boss being a 6k hp Who Denies All was interesting as a finisher

also good LORD 18 enk capsules for the weekly bonuses

absolutely worth the rewards for claiming all 3 weekly bonuses

(unless you have to deal with brazen bull, but that isnt as bad of an issue anymore due to the packs)

18 enk modelues are just the regular costs of doing 3 weekly bonuses anyways

brazen bull ain’t too hard, ego tends to roll high enough and I can always use the secret technique of having good ego gifts

nah imo the best strat is just not letting him get unresolved sorrow


flames glimpsed

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So protip: if you plan on doing refraction railway, don’t use a burn team on ardor blossom moth!

this shit is down to the fucking wire but since speed ranges, I win through unopposed attacks

Update: Finally beat the hell segment

wasn’t too hard, I first tried every non reset run, but let me just say it took like 7 fucking resets for the bleedin’ pallidified assholes to stop winning clashes, until I got fed up and hit em with the secret “Uptie 4 Corroded Ardor Blossom Star” technique.


and it’s even sub-100 turns!

this pic goes hard, feel free to friend

Nothing much to update on, but I attempted a mirror dungeon on hard again.

The enemy level is reaching like 64 and it’s only floor 4 oh dear

except I just fused:


(ignore the fact that immediately after I got brazen bull and my sinners got BANGED up)

So sad I got Beat Hurtily rather than gatekeep gaslight girlsmellydumbawfulperson

tier 2 ego gift doing more work than any of the other bleed ego gifts i had

ayin bless wound clerid