Looking to buy teal, black, cobolt and lime maid chestpices, let me know

Please dm me Artemis#0266 if you have!

Welcome to the forums.

You were in the Discord recently. You might remember me.

Also, please check this

im sorry, did i do soemthing wrong. I didnt really understand the message lol - epically waits -

Nah, nothing too bad… just letting you know that making your first post in Marketplace can lead to horrible trades as I mentioned in said post.

Also, I have none of the items you said. Can’t provide :frcryin: would do if I had though

Ok, thanx. i understand now. sorry to bother u :> (im pretty experienced with trades and valuing just new to forums)

You didn’t bother me, don’t ask forgiveness for nothing.

ok, thanx for the help ::smiley:

np, welcome to the forums, hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay!


I probably have them in my inventory lol

DM Balls#1118 for negotiations yis

can u check??

im collecting every coloured one you see

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