Access to Marketplace should be restricted for new users

So, first of all, I’ve been always trying to make this post be noticed by newer forum users, to avoid posting in said category.

My reason to make that post was already explained there: it simply isn’t a smart decision to make your first post at marketplace because there are better places to make your forum start on and it floods the category in case it’s a bad trade.

Still, most people ignore it, which is expectable, since I’m not bumping the thread over and over again that much times.

However, I came up with a new idea after observing even more posts of this kind.

Restrict access to Marketplace for new users. Simple.

Now, ‘‘why?’’ you might ask


Reasons are the same I stated in my post on #off-topic so I’ll quote myself again:

Examples? I’ve just seen this.

Someone who seems to have no idea about trading (new user) made a worthless trade. Mistake. Mistake to look for that trade, mistake to make their first post at Marketplace.

For context: someone wanted an exiled set. In return? 5k Crowns. Yeah, 5000 Crowns, which are currently worthless due to code farming.

Want more examples? This, this, this, this post, and finally, this. I’ve probably missed a bunch honestly.

I’m sure there’s people here that share this opinion.


Isn’t this too much?
Considering it, no, not at all. Marketplace isn’t a category to start off in the forums, and avoiding it is suggested until you’re experienced.

Of how much time are we talking about?
My suggestion would probably be either 30 days after join date or when you reach trust level 1 (Basic) or both.

Isn’t it enough with the post you’ve previously made?
Appears to not be enough. Post wasn’t pinned nor at the top via bumping. And this seems like an overall solution, though a bit more extreme.

I’m open to your comments on this. Share your opinion on this thread, reply if this is good, bad, what I could change and stuff… but let’s keep the discussion civilized, and please try to be constructive.

To summarize, access to Marketplace should be restricted since it’s not a channel made for starting out on (and other reasons as well).

By the way, this is my first post here, don’t know if this is against the rules… if it is I’ll delete it.


Where is the vote button

Also yeah, new people in the marketplace is… brutal sometime

I don’t think arbitrarily restricting access to the marketplace would be a good idea, even if the trades these players make are pretty bad.

Probably the easiest fix for this is to have a pinned post on either #marketplace or #game-discussion:trading-discussion going over the current meta, since this will inform newer players to make better trades. It could also spark discussion among more experienced traders on what the current trade meta is.

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There’s no vote button in this category I believe.

But anyway thanks for sharing your opinion.

Good idea, honestly. Though it wouldn’t be permanent (about the restriction).

A pinned post on those categories honestly could help.

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What I don’t like about it is that it promotes only sending trades about the most valuable items and nothing else, like what most traders nearly force others to do rn
Y’know, headless, sunkens, rarely boss drops

the post doesn’t have to only cover rare item trading, it should also have info on trading common items like wizard sets and amulets.


I’ve had #marketplace muted since I made this account, so I have no idea how bad the situation is and how consistently bad new accounts are.

A TL1 restriction would be roughly a 1 or 2 day thing - it’d stop people making an account to trade here, and not much else.
30 day restriction isn’t possible as far as I know.

Pinned post seems like a better idea, though we’d need someone to mantain it. An outdated post does more harm than good.


Got examples of that too, and even some fair examples, can show you right now. Still, there’s much better places to introduce you rather than Marketplace. I’ve just mentioned the worse, but I saw fair ones too.

I think this could be a potential solution. Keep a post and maintain it, since as you mentioned, an outdated post does more harm than good.

I know TL1 is short, I even had the idea to make it TL2 but it could be longer so I lowered it a little.

Anyway, thanks for replying.

by the way how do you mute topics?

You can mute a category by using this button:

You can have subcategories muted, and muting a category doesn’t necessarily mute its subcategories - I’ve got #marketplace muted, but not #marketplace:shops.

You can mute individual topics using this button, though that’s probably not what you meant.

I agree with this, I have made #marketplace for TL1 and above.