If you're new to the forums, please take the time to read this:

[NOTE] If you are an experienced user in the Forums, there’s no need for you to read this.

So, first of all, welcome to the forums! Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay (as I say with anyone new here)

You might be wondering why I did this. Reason is as simple as new members making posts of things they seem to have no idea about.

The point of this post was to warn new users about the following.

Please, do NOT make your first post at Marketplace.

‘‘Why?’’ you might ask.

Answer (click this to expand)

Answer is simple: trading isn’t something you should look after if new to the forums (unless you have trading experience in game and you recently made a forum account, which being the case, you’re free to do that, but there are better things to do).

Also, we already have a channel made for introducing yourself, so why not make your first post there? Or as in my case, share something you’ve done in-game which is interesting (my first post was about a location I found while exploring in-game). The channel’s name is #game-discussion:introductions so maybe you should post there or in any channel that isn’t Marketplace.

Examples of this could be this post in which the user asks for a heavily valuable item while giving in return items that aren’t equally worth it, thus being a bad trade (not worth it).

Example 2: This post was the first of an user in the forums, and their trade was, well, kinda fair considering item value and offer. Still, you shouldn’t immediately get into trading as soon as you enter the forums.

Also, posts like these fill the Marketplace category, so avoid it.

The point of this post was to make you, new forumers, to avoid doing what I previously mentioned and starting out in a place that was after all made for that.

Of course, if you have trading experience and know how to do it well, it’s a different case, but you should try to begin by introducing yourself in the previously mentioned channel.

That’s all, folks! Thank you for taking your time to read all of this.


someone please pin this


I’m going to put a bit more effort into editing, so if the post becomes pinned, at least it’s more detailed and explains well.

Though, I doubt this would be pinned.

New people who have no idea what to do: “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that.”

If new people don’t read this it’s gonna be a massive waste of effort. But it was for the better so it was worth it. Also, writing all of this cost me 0$ and a couple minutes so I’m not worried about that.

Can this be pinned so that new users don’t make the same mistake again?

We just gotta keep bumping it until the end of time or until it gets pinned :nod:

if it can always appear at the top then people are more likely to see it

Yes, this is fact

absolutely correct

htanik you i really needed htis

i don’t really think you need this as you started out properly instead of rushing marketplace

i made my first post in the marketplace and now i have a deep hatred for myself. thats why you should’nt go to the marketplace, kids

Thanks for this, i’m new to the forums and now i’ll make sure to never visit the marketplace. i saw a lot of scammers there anyway

Welcome to the forums! Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay.

Regarding that statement: we don’t scam, we make jokes about bad trades on purpose or for trolling sometimes. I haven’t seen any scammers so far since the trades probably never happened. But anyways, you do you.

Once you have experience and need an item, feel free to visit Marketplace and ask for the item you’re looking for, I’m sure you’ll find good deals.

wait what the fuck

Is this the actual Mal? You trying to do a ban speedrun?

Wait a second… this guy is banned? Did I just welcome a banned user?

Someone with that exact username was, yes.
It might just be a coincidence, though.

why are you guys freaking out? :rofl::rofl: