Make horrible ideas for AO

space station 13 levels of realistic bodily damage, all permanent and irreversible.
(e.g. getting hit with light magic point blank and becoming permanently blinded, or shattering your legs from jumping off of cirrus and losing all mobility.)

ability to loot tucker’s corpse by digging with a shovel near his grave

plasma magic (gamma variant) having the same speed stat as light magic because all waves in the electromagnetic spectrum travel at the same speed

This should be added ngl
1 in 100 million is too low tho

A chart to Mimhere island should be at least 1 in 50,000 so its a secret but very obtainable.

remove herobrine from ao
(this is the worst idea yet)

removing the one who watches from under the baseplate would be a bad idea

Fighting styles have different effects referencing other games if you have over 30 strength points on your character.

Basic combat - all enemy encounters engage like earthbound, then they turn into 1 on 1s with the target which operate like street fighter matches. Have fun punching through every order initiate at djin ruins!

Boxing - You play punch-out with your enemies. Enemies that don’t use weapons or fighting styles are less aggressive in punching you but enemies who do have fighting styles are very aggressive and difficult. Weapons are a middle ground. Have fun with lady carina being an actually difficult boss.

Cannon fist - Two words: Angry birds.

Iron leg - Because you have the ‘pumped up kicks,’ you have to rap against every enemy you encounter. Higher level bosses are better at rapping.

Thermo fist - Every enemy encounter is a super smash bros. match. Imagine how stupid elius’s recovery would be.

Sailor fist - you play battleship, only every enemy is one space larger and you have 32 chances at hitting them. The grid would be 7 by 7 (49 spaces I think) and bosses would need three hits to be killed, or more depending on the boss. Bosses could also have their own unique battleship fights. Engaging enemies overseas plays like normal battleship, only you can actually hit own ship. Rowboats are one space large, sailboats are two spaces large, caravels are three spaces large and ketches are four spaces large.

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people complained too much about the bosses moving around so now they never move, they just have 1 minute of invulnerability followed by 3 seconds of vulnerability constantly and sit in place sniping people

Add Assault Rifles such as ARs and Kalashnikovs with recoil and range that can only be reduced or increased with enchantments.

give people who use cannon fist the recoil youd get from a real cannon

Give spells inf range

acid will now permanently destroy any terrain it touches
hitting anything flammable with fire spells will burn the entire area and kill everyone on the island
wind has a 50% to make you sneeze
light gives you permanent retina damage and you need to get super rare potions to cure it

Holding a colossal squid instantly kills you

make it throwable (instant kill)


  1. Now, you need a license to drive a ship. No license? No ship. Trying to drive a ship with no license will give you tier 2 notoriety. You can buy smuggled ship from a Wanted Shipwright.

  2. Buying a ship from a shipwright will take 90 days(the ship does have to be built). If you want to buy a prebuilt ship, you will pay 2x the original price.

  3. Trying to add new additions to your ship(for example, hull armor, new cannons) will take longer depending on what it is. If you simply want to add Oil lamps to your ship, you can just walk up to place your supposed to to put and press E. Trying to add new cannons will have the same mechanic as transporting cargo. You will move 2x slower while holding a cannon. This debuff increases depending on whether it’s a light, normal, or heavy cannon. And adding a hull to your ship requires a shipwright NPC, and it will take 1 week for the hull to be added.

  4. Items can now inflate in prices. The more the Grand Navy’s influence decreases, the more pirates there will be. The more pirates there are, the less cargo ships making it to their destination. Thus, lowering/raising the prices of certain things like cargo, housing(will be explained later), and buying ships.

  5. You now need a contract to move cargo. You have to make a contract with the island/country you are moving cargo for. If you make a contract with Ravenna, you can only sell Ravenna cargo. The prices for buying and reselling cargo can increase if the Grand Navy’s influence is low(inflation).

  6. You still cannot set your spawn point, but now you can buy a house. Houses cost 15,000+ galleon’s(minimum price). The prices will increase by 3x each time the Grand Navy’s influence decreases. It will only decrease by 1.5x after the influence recovers.
    Houses will be important for: Cooking, Keeping Warm, Staying safe.

  7. You know how there are these random cooking pots for you to cook your stuff in? Yeah, those aren’t free anymore. If you want to use a cooking pot, you have to pay 200 galleons. The more food you cook, the more you have to pay(for example if you wanna cook a colossal squid you pay 350 galleons). Inflation can effects this.

  8. NPC’s live their own lives. From 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM is when shop keeps will open their stores. If you are online during these times, good luck, I guess.

No not WoM again

Replace shadow magic’s monochrome with slowly stacking insanity

honestly shadow giving like 1 insanity after a hit isn’t that bad of an idea

isn’t this just the cuffs the Grand Navy has but AOE
tbh if i could set down a “No PvP area” while i am fishing i would be happy

so here is my ultra-horrible suggestion that will not be implemented because PvP is core
the “distortion Field” when you place a distortion field you dissapear from all other players, including fishing rods/aura/attacks that makes it perfect for ambushes or just ignoring everyone else