Mirage's doodle thread

Sans undertale? (This reminded me of those messed up undertale au for some reason lmao)

No, that ain’t a thing. Not at all.

Why did this appear to me as unread

It’s not? Color me surprised.

From what I could tell from my time in China, there were more Japanese influence in China than Japan.

Yeah the Chinese love their once-enemies.

I mean I saw an anime convention in Nanjing/Nanking so uh, it can’t get worse than that.

As well as one right opposite a war memorial in Shanghai.

Don’t get me wrong, the government really doesn’t love all this Japanese influence, but it creates so much revenue for the nation that it would be stupid to ban it.

Also considering manhwas are getting Japanese adaptations maybe the Koreans are more forgiving than many thought they would be, cuz I personally didn’t think solo leveling author would agree to it considering he too doesn’t take liking to Japan cux of the past history but here we are.

yeah idk anymore

bro’s giggling and kicking his… wait


this is what happens when you create a horror au during february:

enjoy the lighthearted content, cause they’re gonna be few and far between


Bro probably smells worse than a wet dog and still somehow has more game than us

iris’s standards are in hell :skull:

Well you either have the somewhat sane lost sailors, traumatized survivors, or the chefs. Not many good options outside of the chefs

cant rlly be picky in these trying times :woman_shrugging:

Infected death curse user gets more game than 99.6% of forumers.

This truly do be an arcane odyssey

the real reason is the fact that morden isnt an ao player, as that is what is holding us back

How is such an art possible when he is of the game’s scripts? He should get less game than an AO player as a result, shouldn’t he?

My worst fear has to come to life, Ai has more rizz than me

bro is simply living his life in the Arcane universe, where we are outsiders looking in and wasting away our days on this game

make him eat a watermelon whole


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maplestorm after eating the golden watermelon (it was a reagent and not a food)