My guess how much much robux in total these gamepasses might cost

Aura gamepass - 100
All Animation packs - 2100
Magic circle packs - 10 (For now)
Better bank - 200
Emote pack - 100
Increased Auction time - 200
Builds/outifts - 200
Crew skins - 300

Total: Around 3310 Robux just to get all monetization currently I believe

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Mfs refuse to even try deepwoken over 5 bucks but I guarantee they’ll gladly spend ~50$ to buy all this shit :rofl:

Before anyone says anything no I haven’t played or even bought deepwoken, just pointing out how biased ppl here are


I mean, Yeah you’re in the AO Community, Im not exactly sure what you expect

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Not a valid enough reason to excuse people dumping 300 tons of pig dung on games due to them not being made by obesetex ((whilst have not even tried the game))

theres also the arcanium weapon casting gamepass

Its time i get involved.
download (10)

I mean so what?

Thus is the life of the Arcane Odyssey forumer.

Honestly sad how many people just shit on the game when they have not played it once.

I shit on the game and I play it lmao


Man you struggled getting another level to not wipe :skull:

A lot of the people that shit on it are probably a skill issue anyway.

I’m power 10.

Cat crew is worth 1 million
I hope vetex makes it free

Screenshot 2022-03-04 120456
This you?

Buy cat crew instead of deepwoken is ultra based what you mean
yeah i played deepwoken

What do you mean so what? It creates this bad unwelcoming aura on the wom/ao community and gives it a bad look, and it also takes a lot away from the opinions of forumers due to the fact that most of them are just parroting whatever their favourite forumer said who’s also parroting other forumers opinion and so on without even trying/using said thing(s). You can’t even deny this because I know that you know that the forum has become very unwelcoming recently with oldheads complaining about new fellas basically over nothing and being more interesting than them

This thread I kind of also discussed this topic sort of yeah you can read it, or don’t

Yes, and I’m like power 10 now
I just got some help and learning how to travel around the map with a problem
As well training my PVP and PVE skills lmao

the only good ones imo

Yea I get that, I was just calling you a skill issue because of this.

Why the fuck you talking about deepwoken and the forum being bad on this random topic