Necrobumping: The Dos and Don'ts

Necrobumping is when you bump a topic which has been inactive from a period of weeks to years to the top of latest. Usually, you would bump an old topic if you have something to add onto it related to the said topic and the topic itself is still at least somewhat relevant, as long as it isn’t heavily outdated (ex. magic balancing). Now let’s get to the point, starting off with what not to do.

What not to do

  • Don’t flag rule-abiding or innocent necrobumping posts. Remind yourself that it is alright to bump old posts if the topic still relevant and there is a fair reason to do so. However, in the case in which the necrobumping was obviously done with intent in a manner against the rules or to be a pest, feel free to flag the post and staff will handle it from there.

  • Don’t make a fuss about necrobumped topics. This is what triggers me the most. Arguably, this is worse than actually bumping the post since this attitude can easily sway the topic off-topic (if it was even relevant). There are better choices than doing this, such as simply ignoring it, though I recommend you flag the post if the necrobump is a rule violation.

  • Don’t subconsciously degrade a user’s post just because the topic has been inactive for a while. Some necrobumps are helpful and provide insight to a discussion despite its age. Always be considerate and not call them out for being late to the topic or reviving it. Pointing it out only causes issues and doesn’t help anyone.

What to do

  • Do check the date of the latest reply on an inactive topic. Before replying on a random topic you were recommended to read or an old topic you were tracking but haven’t touched in a while, you should be observant and look at the dates of replies so you are aware of the context of the conversation.

  • Do help out fellow users if they accidentally necrobump. If a user did not check before bumping the topic and either their reply or the topic is not relevant, you can privately remind them about the necrobumping rule.

  • Do necrobump posts if you want to discuss an old topic and if the topic is still relevant. Adding relevant information or insight into a discussion is always appreciated on this forum. If you think the topic is too old, you can create a linked topic.

I hope this helps settle the deal with necrobumping.


Moral of the story:

  • It’s okay to necrobump if relevant and don’t let the necrobump impact your response
  • Don’t make a fuss over it, flagging isn’t necessary unless something in the post itself is a violation of forum rules
  • Be kind in reminding one not to necrobump and do so privately
  • Check dates on posts

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Oh thanks for clearing it up, Now I can revive all the logs so everyone can research some more

Don’t. Someone will ask through their own topic (in which case it is relevant to share and engage) or they will find it themselves when they need it. Do not create unnecessary clutter.


Don’t make a fuss about necrobumped topics.
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what to do:

check the date of the latest reply on an inactive topic.

help out fellow users if they accidentally necrobump.

necrobump posts if you want to discuss an old topic and if the topic is still relevant.

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