Nimbus Sea Trello Patch Notes (Discussion Thread)

True :(. But it’s not that bad right? Badges don’t carry over, that’s pretty much it I think?

or other gamepasses like extra vanity and animation packs

Wonder if he’s finally going to add new animation packs (last one was early WOM days, right?)

Depends what you mean by early. Update wise it was late but in terms of actual time it was still fairly early.

Finally I’ll be able to make some more of my OCs
Lumi Zephyr, Warden
Iri Blossom, Juggernaut
Akiro Zephyr, Knight
Zion [Lastname], Savant

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Nice build choices, I give you my respect

Oh yea I forgot about that

there’s another game on ROBLOX (Arcane Lineage) which lets you buy unlimited save slots, so i don’t think that’s an issue

my ocs are all dead

skill issue

i can’t help but wonder a rough percentage on how close Sameria is to completion, since it’s been a while since we’ve gotten any updates about it on the Trello

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Gaugeing the development so far I dont think we are getting Nimbus in February. Keep in mind Town/Kingdom alignments haven’t been started yet either and once Sameria is built Vetex has to develop the story on that massive island too.

In that case…March might be when the update releases, which means that finally, a prediction of mine might be correct…atleast once.

Yeah, I’m a little worried about how he’ll manage the roadmap (6 updates in a year) when this one doesn’t even seem half complete

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some are faster to do. some take longer, something taking 3 months won’t mean the others might not just be 1 month long or smth

(at most i believe that the roadmap would end at latest march next year, but those 3 months really ain’t nothing to cry over)

Good point, but it does set a precedent for the future. The full release update will likely be longer than this one as well

This is just speculation in the end

I already took rebecca

Vetex can finish it this month some features are done faster then others

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vetex can delay it for a month as a little treat
he deserves a bit of a break


Guys its free time, let this guys rest