Winds of change (Chapter 5)

Artemis Morgan part 4<

Hello again readers. I am Artemis Anchor, editor, writer, and publisher for The Steel Anchor, and also companion of Artemis Morgan. This is not my first publication, and hopefully not my last. I currently reside in the underside of Sailor’s Lodge and do some odd jobs to keep my business afloat. Anyways, enough about me, let’s get to the point.

So, Morgan came back, barely. He was carried to the resident healer by his Quarter master. His ship, The Aura of Boreas, was extremely damaged. Most of the Redwake sailors were either dead below deck or injured. We set him on a table and commenced the healing. When he was able to speak, he requested any Ravennians to leave the room. What he said sent chills through me and the healer. He had killed General Argos, the Lion of Old Ravenna.

He came closer to death than any of us present. He came closer to death than when he faced Lord Elius. The healer said he would need a week to recover. In the following day, many rumors spread. One said that he was attacked by pirates, some said he fell from the Stepstones unto his ship. If anyone learned of the true reason, he might have been tossed into the sea by Ravenna loyalists.

The healing process was arduous, but he pulled through. It took him two days less than expected to recover, but he still could not recover his left eye. He said he would return to Ravenna, but he first said he needed to tie loose ends and appreciate life more. First of all, we got up to some hijinks.

I stuck all the sails of a Ravenna together with invisible ink. Morgan made a caravel sail away with his wind. We cut off the Ravennians from the outside world completely. We soon will be setting sail on a tour to “Appreciate life” in Artemis’ words. I’ll keep a log of that and also publish it. I have cut off the sale of this paper to any Ravennian in order to maintain Artemis’ safety, both Morgan and me. Anyways, good luck to all you adventurers, and to any mongrel dogs of Ravenna, open your eyes.

Notes(not in Artemis Anchor’s character): I sure hope Ravennian is the correct term. Also thanks to the person who liked my past two posts{just found out it’s BNTarwarn}, hope you liked this one as well. Thanks for reading, and have a good day.

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