Ok here me out here me out.. Space magic

Why not instead of “space” magic, just make easier to obtain magics of smaller scales that have cosmic relevance.

some ideas:

Nebula magic: make mysterious spells of galactic dust that produce clouds which can either freeze opponents if they’re hit with cold magic, or explode and dissipate if provoked with hotter magics.

Vacuum magic: a possible wind relative/specialized gravity magic that creates voids which pull in nearby matter and other attacks.

Protostar magic: create baby stars, strange orbs of burning hot plasma which boast large circling discs made of dust and ionized gas which have a damage radius to any player that gets too close, all attacks linger around a bit before exploding.

Quasar magic: create devastating spells that periodically unleash bursts of incredibly strong radiation, however at the cost of the spells themselves dealing mediocre damage.


Guys it’s not OP!!1!1!1 It’s 1/10k !!1!1! Fucking 9 year old bullshit

these stats are mostly a joke, but i fixed the stats, but the speed is still garbage.

i agree, pretty fucking hilarious stats.

yea so space magic would sound more familiar, thats why i don’t call it nebula magic or galactic magic. the spells shoot out nebulas (techincally), and stars (don’t get it wrong with sun magic, that shoots out a more powerful fire).

this isn’t a suggestion btw, this is just a magic that just looks appealing to the human eye… think about it

“ok so basically it’s not op because its hard to get”

my brother in christ

that doesn’t help

That’s…a LOT, considering how extremely large and cancerous certain magics are if you were to invest in attack size. I won’t nitpick this too much, since we don’t really know the stats for ancient magics will follow the same sort of routine for our regular magics (it probably will).

  1. You cannot go negative speed.

  2. Space shouldn’t negate speed. If anything, it should increase one’s acceleration drastically, since there’s nothing in space slowing you down apart from maybe gravity.

  3. You haven’t clarified how long the effects would last, meaning something like this would borderline stunlock anything. Adding something like suffocation and you only have to press a few buttons to win.

  4. A normal human being would near-instantly be frozen in space.

I highly suggest you to look at the legendary chart situation back in AA, or whatever tf AR is doing atm if you think that making extremely powerful stuff locked behind hard work and RNG.

Speed doesn’t matter due to the absolutely crazy size value. If agility mains can’t consistently dodge metal or earth attack size mains, then what do you think is going to happen when something like this comes through?

Overall, this suggestion is sloppy, had almost no thought put into it, and an absolute disappointment overall. Despite your name, you truly are not that one guy :frpensive:

actually it’d be kind of the opposite, since there’s almost nothing for you to transfer your heat to apart from the small amount of radiation you emit, you’d stay roughly the same temperature for a while

really? always heard it was dang cold over there, especially when on the moon or mars or something

it is cold in space, but that’s mostly because there’s very little matter to contain heat there so there’s also not a lot to transfer your own heat into

i think at least

yep, just googled it up

actually, micrometeorites would melt your skin off your body the second you expose even a tiny bit of flesh to the endless void beyond.

it’s not just the fact that it is hard to get, it’s the fact that it’s more slow than a walking player, that part i added as a joke cuz jokes are funny :skull: (i mean this entire magic was just a parody of cataclysm lol)

first off, you have some good arguements, but I patched the stupid amount of errors a while ago, check that out aswell if you dont wanna cringe over the 2.0 attack size. secondly, the -100 is metaphorical, one cannot simply go negative speed cuz it breaks the laws of thermodynamics and physics on its own, and while you are correct on how it should increase one’s speed (the side effect), it is a common fact that a human cannot maintain their movement, therefore this affects their speed as well. I also apologize for not putting the duration, the patch notes should have everything related to stats. and i also would like to say that the side effect applies the same effects you would get in a room with no gravity, not in space (might be wrong here again, but im no astronomy phycho). anyway the rest you are correct and I apologize for my mistakes.

verdict: thank god the AO and WoM (and AA/AR) community isn’t just people who dropped out of school.

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