Online Fighting 2014 Reborn

Hi there! As you know, I’m making an Online Fighting Remake. I thought it’d be cool to give y’all some heads up as to what we’ve accomplished over the last few weeks.

  1. Renamed the game to Online Fighting: Re-Imagined.

  2. A couple of builds have been rebuilt or started:
    a. Tidetown
    b. Arena Island
    c. LowTide Island
    d. HighTide Island
    Thank you to the builders, Alcyone and JougX for helping out.

  3. Music for the game has been created:
    a. Tidetown
    b. Main Menu
    c. Icewing Prison
    d. Highland Isle
    e. Grandsand Mountain
    Thank you to Decaline for being amazing at the songs she makes.

  4. Scripts for the Fire Curse has started.
    Thank you @Archenhailor

  5. Main GUI has been completed. Thank you @Ramdoys for helping get that completed.

  6. Leveling System has been completed.
    Thank you rb1lol for completing that.

I’m excited for the game AND I hope you are too!


For those who wanted prior knowledge.

Are you looking for testers soon for a testing period or nah?

Not yet, but I’ll let people know when the testing period is opening. We are still a WIP so we don’t have much going on. Plus it’s private rn so the game can’t be seen unless you’re a developer.

@Maple @Zormego @fartman1314 @gre3ncell @wildecat2005



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i can help with the vfx :steamhappy:

Very cool, will keep an eye out for this when testing comes out :]

I’ll be keeping an eye out for any future updates, I would love to experience what OF fighting styles were like, among other things.

please make me a tester when it comes out :sob: i want shatter curse and radius fist main so i can have absurdly high aoe

Also make me a tester too please

my username is wildecat2004, put me on the tester lissttt!!