Parts of the trello update that I would like to stab

There were a lot of great things added to the trello today. But, there were a few additions that I would like to stab:


Yeah… I personally would like to stab the part that mentions legendary weapons


oh hold on, it looks like it won’t work like it did in AA

“This will not work like Arcane Adventures’ Impact Fist as that was very abusable and detrimental to the game”
-AO trello

If this means defense lowers the dmg from attacks then I’m cool with it

Tech said they won’t be obtained in the same way as before, so hopefully they’ll be less annoying. I just hope that they aren’t as overpowered. A non-legendary weapon user should still stand a chance.

I took that part out of context for the joke but Vetex says that they won’t be as bad as they were in AA

yeah, i saw the fine print right after I made the reply. I edited it

I’m real dumb if you couldn’t tell

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Defense just adding health achieves the same thing as lowering damage in an easier-to-understand way.

I’m actually really excited for flash fist. That fighting style sounds sick.

Yeah that makes sense

all ofthese sound cool though

i m p a c t f i s t

vitality :flushed:

whats wrong with vitality

who knows

Vetex literally said he was going to remove vitality, though yeah, injuries made me go “Fuck you, no!”. There isn’t even a proper doctor profession/NPC, so this would be a bitch. The mounted Fishing Rod seems descent, but could easily nuke the economy.

i don’t think it will break the economy
(this refers to mounted rods)

Yeah, the mounted rod fears are a bit overblown.

I think a lot of the concern is afk-fishing with it (set boat in a circle, attach nets, leave game overnight), but this will probably be handled the same way afk-fishing currently is: a half-complete fix to stop the simplest macros, plus bans for anyone who gets around it.

Macro fishing isn’t going anywhere in AO (unless vetex adds a proper fling for big catches), so nothing’s really changing for autofishers. They’ve still got better options than mounted rods.

the injury mechanic to me sounds horrible

a great way to balance the mounted rod tbh is to make it only work if its gotten fish bait and for it to have a cap of lets say 100 fish bait so that it wont be afk-abusable

it says “at no expense”


it does sound annoying to players that just want to casually PVP/partake in tournaments… maybe make it so you can’t obtain injures while fighting inside arenas? Well like everything on the trello right now it’s just general ideas and concepts of what may potentially be added, everything’s subject to change