Player Jail Times Should Be Scrapped As A Mechanic

Player Jail Times Should Be Scrapped As A Mechanic
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Id much rather have it be like a 20 second long cutscene and have a 40-60 second long cutscene for execution. Thats enough.

Nothing is gained or added to the gameplay experience by this except frustration. Differences don’t mean good.

If the differences are, you waste your time, or you don’t, then its far from a valid choice.

Oh my so this is what I come back to after not checking forums for a few days. I agree with @TheoreticalExistence’s arguments in his reply wars with other people, and I also actually have a negative rep save file that I’ve spent a lot of time on so I can vouch for them. I don’t think it’s realistic to remove jail time though, mainly because I feel like Vetex wouldn’t do that. However I don’t necessarily think that jail is good or fun, I’m just not sure how to change it for the better. I think it absolutely sucks ass and ruins the flow of the game as a bad rep, and I’m really hoping for some improvements.

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gonna be real with you.
all of what you’re saying here is just over complicating the jail system by miles.

I’ve looked at every single suggestion made to improve jails and after experiencing it myself came to the conclusion that the only logical “fix” is complete removal.

1: Minigames don’t solve anything and waste development time for something 100% of players will afk through and ignore.
2: Solo escapes do exactly the same thing as removing the system except with a spectacle that’ll get really old really quickly after you do it 3 or 4 times while probably taking up even more development time than minigames.
3: Increasing the space in the prison and allowing exploration in a more visually pleasing concrete box is… completely useless as a solution to this problem, what the heck is that supposed to do?
4: Reducing jail time works. It sounds good. However, if the solution to the problem is to have less jail time, then does that not mean that having jail time at all is a negative? So why keep it?

I genuinely see no other logical solution.

For Minigames I didn’t think of anything big, just some fishing or very easy to add features.
I said nothing about 2 or 3

For 4, I do believe that under the circumstances that I outline that a person should receive less jail time, thought I do not believe in the absolute removal in jail time for following reasons:

  1. Let’s you be a menace to everyone with minimal consequences
  2. Removes the reward of temporarily removing a villain from the server, so by hunting them you wouldn’t make the server safer for anyone, you’d just increase your renown number.
  3. Would make it nigh impossible to make a server with high criminal population safe.
  4. It wouldn’t justify having all your notoriety removed.

I would also like to state that I believe that the suggestions I outlined before wasn’t over complicated to the smallest extend, it simply will reduce time based on a pity system, and depending on how safe the server already is, and increase time for being an accomplice to a criminal who is currently combat or being hunted.
Thought, for this last part I should have added that it wouldn’t effect anyone that’s been in jail for longer than 2 minutes, whoops.

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Oh no I meant those were the 4 “solutions” I’ve seen gain some degree of popularity.

This is a lot of comments for something that was suggested only 12 hours ago.

I know!
Some people really really seem to like the jail system!


1: Hero players already do this ngl.
2: Hero players only bounty hunt to increase their renown anyways.
3: These are the war seas, not the love and peace seas.
4: Notoriety is its own rancid mess.

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No, hero players are unable to cause harm to those under renown shield as well, of course they might insult each other or be rude, but they won’t harm each other out of nowhere.

No, the goal of many players is simply to make the seas a safer place for everyone.

Of course, I don’t want this game to entirely turn into a PVE game, thought people going out of their way to make others safe is a common cause of war, so wouldn’t removing that as a cause for fighting be like forbidding a crucial part of any war from being involved in fighting?

Notoriety is fate, it’s the navy’s ultimate solution, and when escaping it is it really that much effort to have some friend wait at silver and break you out?

That’s all, thought I’ve taught some more about the issue, and I think that perhaps it could drain passively while not in game, thought that might hurt player count more than devs would like.

Ultimately, I think that the game should be put in a kind of loop, where good behaviors become less rewarded as a server grows safer, which also causes criminal activities to become easier, less punishing and more rewarding, and then the other way around when criminal activities causes the server to become much unsafer.
I do think that the lack of such system causes frustration, and while the removal of jail could reduce that it would negatively effect those who seek to make the seas safer for everyone, therefore I instead believe that more benefits to criminals is warranted, especially when you are in a server where everything is turned against you.

200 galleons per star. And what, you accidentally run into a Navy Ship or want to sink a merchant ship, and now you have to pay 200 galleons?

Honest question, what are you talking about, renown shield? I’m frequently attacked as a hero by other heroes, and have attacked other heroes as a hero. There is absolutely nothing preventing a positive rep from attacking another positive rep, besides Grand Navy members being unable to hurt positive reps and vice versa.

wild discussion but knowing vetex jail times wont ever be removed anytime soon

no, no and no, if you dont want to wait, just go on your phone and watch a 10-minute video, or spam others to free you

also this is a core mechanic of the game that does not let negative renown players get away with everything, having positive renown is hard enough since you have to buy cargo and cant steal chests, if negative renown is easier, then just about everyone would go for it, the only thing stopping them is the jail time

negative renown is quite literally a high risk high reward route, while the positive renown route is lower risk, but its harder to progress, if we remove the jail time, then there is no point to not choose the negative route, since then its just high reward and no risk

a core to what.
the only thing that jails as a mechanic are tied to are executions and those impact next to nothing.

It USED to be a core mechanic back in WoM when you could destroy towns and kill NPCs since playing the game would be a pain in the ass if every town was constantly in ruins.
(it failed to change that lol)

you ain’t telling me that gameplay would change drastically without it.

Have you played the game?

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Negative rep is a high risk low reward

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Has to spend 1/6th of an hour doing something else when arrested, shit game design.

No, Notoriety does that. Jailing does jackshit

Are you fucking stupid?
Yeah sure villains can steal cargo and have a bit more ships to hunt.

Wanna know what else they have?
A fleet of gravy ships constantly coming your way that KNOW YOUR EXACT location.
Hero’s AND villains being able to hunt you and take you to jail.

You fucks can spawn and heal your ship. Villains only have one shop and we’re closer to MOUNT FUCKING OTHRYS than it.

You have clearly never played a villain file if you unironically believe the reward was anything other than the possibility of being able to kill people in seconds.
Wanna know what this system benefits for criminals?
Assurance that the world will be safe because every criminal will eventually give up due to the garbage mechanics it has now.


to be honest, i dislike the mechanic but revamping a jail could work just fine (i think theres another high voted closed suggestion for this). 10 minutes of waiting isn’t really a good mechanic. imo its a garbage mechanic but ik some people are just gonna say “just watch a video or something”. i get its supposed to allow friends to rescue you but most players dont have friends. i also get its supposed to allow people to come over and watch your execution. but man ive seen people with 4 hours time in jail. thats literally 4 hours doing nothing in game. We could revamp jail in ways like having your ship crew break you out or something, instead of going afk for 10 mins. we could make jail escapes a lot more meaningful but if you fail you get executed straight away or something.

jail and notoriety is the reason most of my files are positive rep.

Oh, sorry about this argument then, I haven’t had a positive rep file not be in the navy, so I just assumed that the renown shield applied to every hero.
Seems like a massive oversight if you can just go around killing heroes as a hero for only 50 fame loss.
Thought, I believe my other arguments are still relevant enough to justify my case.

As I’ve had undisputed in previous argument, the most important part of the jails is that they enable the pursuit of safety for others on the war seas, they enable heroes to go out of their way to temporarily stop a lunatic who is going around and causing chaos for everyone, they enable you to make the war seas a better place temporarily, and not only increase your renown number.

Think about it, you and some friends get attacked by an assassin Cardinal, he manages to sneak up on you and kill all of you, now you can rest assured that he will not be punished in the slightest, he might be hunted down by notoriety ships, but that’s only a slight 500 renown loss, what a joke.
Or we can say that after he kills your friends you manage to kill him, well done, you have now managed to decrease his renown number, I hope that’s what you hoped to do cause he wouldn’t be facing any other punishment for all murders and crimes he’s committed.
I mean really, think how pathetic the dying words of a merchant would now be, “The navy will get you for this” or some variation of that, but it’s literally only a 500 renown loss, that’s nothing.

The “Core” part of the game is the fact that you get to make the seas safer for everyone, and if you can’t do that then what’s the point of being a hero? To increase a number?

Therefore, the absolute removal of jails will never be widely supported, thought once again, I do believe that there are other ways than the absolute removals of jails that criminals deserve more benefits, please see my other replies on this post to get more insight into those.