Preparations 4 AO


It was a little bit more than a year from the moment of AO announcements but still WOM somehow manages to have 250 players on average. Surprisingly, most of them are a new players, who don’t know much about game and other ~20%(including me) are old players.

But here is the question: “why are they still playing”?

Ye of course you can say that they just love WOM and stuff but…they are not. Most of players right now does “preparations for AO”.

Preparations 4 AO

As we all know, our inventories will be saved and transferred to AO with boss items being compensated somehow. Just this info gave many players new tasks in game(me including)

I 100% sure that you heard those baby level tasks:

  • Get all boss items.
  • Get all good enchantments.
  • Etc.

But REAL AO enjoyers has much more harder tasks, that I recommend you to do too.

Chad’s levels tasks.

  • Get boss gears with all enchantments.
  • Get all sunkens.
  • Get all stats sets(max power ; max defense ; max size etc.).
  • Get exotic/legendary type items in inventory.
  • Get all types of items in nearly(/all, if you can handle it) color variations.
  • Enchant all weapons/tools/shields on all different enchantments.
  • Think about what build you’ll go for.
  • Think about what lost/ancient magic/fighting style you’ll go for.
  • Find all secret places in WOM.

Those are mostly all I could think off, I did not include “fill fishing journal” cause in AO fishes will be different, and you can catch some fish only with Magma or Ice magic.

Btw, if you need to know what items you need for full stat set, just look on wiki, they have all needed info about those “full stat sets”.


Jokes on you, im archiving the entire fucking map

Jokes on you, this is my preparation


i’m just going to spend my time filling this out :skull:

fuck no how patient of a person do you think i am??


Im working on it and its a painnnnn

Ice conjurer on my main. Cry harder.

:skull: how do i

Oh yea remember to also get a retarded amount of fish baits so u never worry about it on AO


this didn’t age well, i have all but one sunken…

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i thought this has been bumped before

Literally the dude that says he has all the free time

L ice

this was before i realized i had all the free time

You’re forgetting a file

reach the end of the sea

Also, good thing is to store valuables, as money is going to be reset but inventory wont, having useless/extra items that sell for a lot can save you a ton of time


What did you just say.


Oh, phew. Thought you were hating on ice, in which case I would have to put you in stasis for the next few thousand years :mariomug:.

I never was so wrong Im a snow mage now :trollge:

Done :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: Never ever again

I still agree with this