So I've been working on the chad preparations for AO

Preparations 4 AO ← this is the page. The chad quests I’ve been working on are 1 and 3 in the list. All I need to complete 2 is a sunken chest.
Anyways back to topic.
A huge thanks to these people for helping me out.
@thatoneguy: For some forceful mino pants. @reaper: I forgor but you did get me an item. :confused:, @drip_god: For some swift exiled legs, @nauJ: for the hard exiled chest, and last but not least, @venamixmusic: for the bursting sunken helm.

@derp I did it as well.

boss drops

inventory 2
inventory 3
inventory 4

full stat sets

(This one is still a work in progress but this Is as close as I got to max I believe this set is 8 less than max.
defense (2)
defense (1)


strength (2)
strength (1)

Casting Speed

Casting Speed. (2)
Casting Speed. (1)


Power. (2)
Power. (1)

Magic Size.

magic size (2)
magic size (1)
mmmm. I didn’t have the sunkens for the set so I used warrior items. It works.


agility (2)
agility (1)


knockback (2)
knockback (1)

Magic Speed

magic_speed (2)
magic_speed (1)


that’s a nice amount of galleons you’ve got innit

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Yeah about that

I know they all getting converted.

holy shit what???2?2?2??2?22
ok i demand a summary of ao qna

I admire the dedacation but your defence set in not maxed

You need Hard Sunken Boots and Hard Sunken Chest to reach 691 defence

yeah. That’s my next goal. get those two items.

Gl :+1: wanna fish togheter ?

Congratulations you have sellable items

nearly, its actually 12. Not that it matters tho

Look for a qna doc post, there’s a google doc with all questions including the answers to them

What a fucking chad :muscle:

Who in their right mind would do this? A masochist? Honestly I’ve become very bored with WoM, doesn’t feel like there’s anything else to do other than mindlessly grind for hours.

your right! there isn’t anything left to do but grind.

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