Question for all pfps

After looking it up, I realize this has been posted like 1-2 times already, but some new people have arrived and pfps have changed, so, explain why you chose your name and pfp.

For me, it was obviously the song, “Where’s the white eel” more commonly known as the “polish cow” song. I personally love the song for more than the “funi cow go BRRRRRR” part of it.

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Stealing Diva’s idea because I am lazy

I’ve always struggled with finding a username that just fits with me. Few years back I constantly changed my username on discord. One of my buddies got a server for us, she didn’t know what to name my role, so she went with “ThatOneGuy”. It just stuck since. Have slowly begun to move away from it and really only use it for the forums rn but that’s the story behind that.

My pfp is the Moonlight Boy from Berserk, it’s always a picture of him though the picture can and often does change. I got plenty pictures of him I can use for pfps so I just swap between them whenever I feel like it.

It looks like this post is only about the pfp part, but there is a little bit of a story behind my username, I just don’t remember what topic I posted it on :frsleepin:



@The_elment tree :+1:

my pfp is a digital drawing (which i made a few months ago) of my wom character casting a mud magic circle

the background is the demigirl pride flag

just copy and pasted my roblox avatar and username




hey ho

anyways my pfp is just a lazy author avatar i enjoy using
just a main character from one of my favorite games of all time with one of my favorite pieces of headwear of all time, which is the fez

i’d rather not elaborate

Name: Originated from the name of an OC I made years ago which was “The Ultimate Elemental” before settling on the name Ace Grey after I discovered WoM. It became a part of my email address and then I shortened it to Ultimate for my discord username. Finally, I joined the forums with that discord name.

Pfp: One of the few drawings I have made in Adobe Illustrator. It is a drawing of my OC Ace Grey (and someone else). It took months because I was lazy and had a “break” for a few months. :/ However, it took me a few hours total.

I like the arcane series fire.

i just looked for a low quality image somewhere and i got one

Edit from this: I decided to hand craft a new pfp 3 triangle and 2 circle with fav colours

Changed my name to my discord name cuz i felt it was better than fucking indominus rex but with an a between i and n

changed my pfp to this today after a funny song came out

I thought it was Ruby Roger this whole time